Let’s Talk About How Our Behavioral Health Practice Management Software Can Make Your Life 10x Easier

Behavioral Health Practice Management Software

If you didn’t know, our behavioral health practice management software is designed to make your professional life that much easier. Here’s how. Work Smarter Not Harder  Before a software like CounSol.com was created, mental health professionals would spend hours on end seeing clients, filling out paperwork, doing research and performing hands-on duties all while managing… continue reading

Why Our Mental Health EHR System Is The Best In The Business

December 14, 2020 Software For Counseling Practice

There may be other mental health EHR systems on the market, but ours is top of the line. Here’s why: We Understood Areas Of Opportunity & Delivered  We created CounSol.com because we recognized the need for a mental health EHR system that combined all the working parts of running a practice into one program. Businesses… continue reading

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