4 Signs You Found The Best HIPAA-Compliant Software For Therapists

hipaa compliant software for therapists

Finding the right HIPAA-compliant software for therapists doesn’t have to be difficult with a few tips from our experts. Here are some signs to look for when comparing electronic medical records software systems. In today’s therapy world, HIPAA-compliance isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Failure to keep your clients’ information protected can result in stiff… continue reading

3 Things To Look For In Therapist EMR Software

therapist emr

Data collection and accurate notes are critically important in effective treatment for clients. Choosing the right therapist EMR software can streamline this for you. Therapy treatment is a process, and counselors understand the importance of maintaining accurate, detailed notes for each of their clients. For years counselors kept handwritten notes where they tracked details and… continue reading

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