4 Perks Of Utilizing Our Counseling Therapy Notes

Counseling Therapy Notes

There are several perks that come from investing in counseling therapy notes. We’re sharing four of them with you below.

#1: Customizable Note Templates 

You may have been using the same counseling therapy notes for years. What if we told you that you could create your own template to include thoughtful details and sections that are unique to you and the way you run your practice? 

Counseling Therapy Notes

We understand that no two practices are the same. That’s why we made it a point to ensure our users could customize their therapy notes to better fit their clients and processes. 

#2: Personalized Forms 

Let’s say you want to get to know your new clients on a personal level. Or, maybe you have forms they need to fill out prior to their first session. CounSol.com has made this first interaction simple by allowing you to create fun questionnaires or personalized forms that are unique to your practice. 

Not only does this process save you time during your session, but it also allows you to seamlessly check off boxes that would have inevitably come later on. Take full advantage of our customizable forms and features to really get the most out of your experience with our practice management software. 

#3: Access To Treatment Planners 

When you come to us for counseling therapy notes, you’re also given access to our embedded treatment planners. By following along with the funnel used in our treatment planner, you’re able to consistently study each patient using the same process. 

Not to mention, we also partner with Wiley Treatment Planners to offer this feature as an add-on. For only $20 per month per clinician, you can also be provided with access to these prestigious planners. These allow you to take your credibility up a notch. 

#4: Private Journals 

One of our most praised features at CounSol.com is the private journal. Once a clinician starts working with us, their clients will make a unique login to access their own private portal. This portal allows them to email and message with their counselor, schedule their own appointments, pay invoices and write in their private journal. 

The private journal was designed to serve as a resource for patients to access whenever they want. We often see this feature utilized for note-taking to reference during a session. However, it is up to the individual whether or not they want to share the information they jotted down in their journal. 

There’s a lot more that comes with investing in counseling therapy notes. For more information, check out our overview page or our testimonials. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, start a free trial today!

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