How The Best EHR Systems For Therapists Help Eliminate These 3 Common Problems For Practices

EHR systems for therapists

Counselors and mental health professionals face many challenges in the day-to-day workflow of their therapy practices. At, we offer EHR systems for therapists that eliminate many practice management issues and free up time for counselors to focus on their clients’ therapy needs.

Psychologists and mental health professionals must manage the technical side of tracking EHR data and counsel their clients through regular therapy sessions. The software platform at works to make this process easier and solves these three common problems inside therapy practices:

#1. Booking And Availability Issues

One major challenge faced by therapists is appointment scheduling conflicts and the problem of dealing with no-shows. The software system helps reduce these issues through automated reminders sent to therapy clients 24, 48, or 72 hours before an appointment by email, text message, or phone call. Clients can easily book in-person appointments for available time slots to fit their daily schedules through their personalized therapy portals. Additionally, appointments can be booked as telehealth sessions to provide flexibility for clients with different scheduling issues or health restrictions.       

#2. Progress Tracking Records And Accessibility

Maintaining detailed progress notes and treatment plans can also be challenging for therapists and counselors. Providing a centralized online location for these important records is vital to maintaining high levels of cybersecurity while ensuring accessibility of important EHR data for counselors and clients. 

Our EHR systems for therapists combine detailed progress tracking with the accessibility of personal information, all from one user-friendly software platform.’s secure client portals allow therapists to customize patients’ diagnosis, update current assessments, and implement treatment plans from an accessible and safe HIPAA-compliant location. Clients can access information online by setting up a secure password to log into their personalized portals to view EHR data, receive invoices, pay bills, and track their progress from session to session.  

#3. Billing and Claim Submissions

Invoice tracking, billing payments, and insurance claim submissions can also present problems inside therapy practices. However, the platform allows clients to easily pay invoices directly through their password-protected portal and easily file insurance claims. Our software platform will then keep track of all received and processed payments and claims in our online administration records.

Our EHR systems for therapists also make creating, submitting, and viewing insurance claims and notices simple and user-friendly. We coordinate with a third-party clearinghouse to submit 837 EDI claims electronically and allow ERAs to be viewed and received directly through our software system. Therapy clients can easily set up an account with the clearinghouse and complete a 1500 insurance form with pre-populated information or submit a claim offline by printing and completing the document straight from our software system.

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