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Complete Practice Management
CounSol.com complete practice management allows you to easily manage your practice and focus on what is most important; your clients. Your entire counseling practice - client notes, records, appointments and billing, for both online and offline clients - can now be managed from one easy to access site.
Custom Client Site
Easily create your custom client site to match your current website. Our tools allow you to choose fonts, colors, and add text and images. You simply post the HTML on your current site so your clients can click the link that directs them to the secure client portal. There your clients login to view their secure emails from you, schedule appointments, view/pay bills, and write in their private journal. Through the client portal, clients can also access secure online video and chat sessions.
Secure Messaging
Send and receive secure messages from your admin directly to your client’s secure site. Our secure message system helps prevent any outside individual from accessing personal information communicated between client and counselor.
Appointment Reminders
Send automatic appointment reminders to your clients 24, 48, or 72 hours before their appointment time by email, text message, and/or phone call recording. Appointment reminders make your practice look professional and reduce the frequency of no-shows.
Custom Forms & Questionnaires
Create your own optional and required client forms, practice terms, and policy agreements to be filled out online. Forms can be customized by the types of questions and answer methods to assist you in gathering the most relevant and pertinent information about your clients. All forms and questionnaires are safely and securely stored in your admin for your records.
Secure Client Records & Notes
Client information is safe and secure thanks to our state of the art encryption system. You will be the only one with access to encrypted client information, and you’ll never have to worry about losing information as all your notes, files, and information are backed up hourly using a 256-bit encryption process at our Tier IV data center.
Client Treatment Plans
Prepare Treatment Plans with our easy to use templates featuring: Diagnosis descriptions, diagnosis axis codes, current risk assessments, concerns/issues, short-term and long-term goals, treatment objectives, treatment strategy, interventions and more.
Client Progress Notes
Maintaining accurate and up-to-date Progress Notes is simple, and features customizable diagnosis descriptions, current assessments, symptom descriptions, treatment plan status, notes, and plan of action with interventions.
Client Scheduling & Calendar
Use your private admin Calendar for both personal and professional use - clients will only see your set availability. Customize your calendar to show only the times and session lengths you want to offer, and choose to display by the hour, day, week, or month. It’s easy to see what’s scheduled and what remains available. Set preferences and display options for clients to schedule online video sessions, online chat sessions, phone and office appointments. Both clients and counselor have access to booking appointments based on your terms and preferred availability.
Calendar Sync
Sync your CounSol.com calendar appointments to your smart phone, tablet, or desktop calendar by either calendar subscribe or iCal. With calendar subscribe your device’s calendar will automatically be updated (synced) with changes made in your CounSol.com calendar.
Secure Live Video Sessions
Enhance your practice by offering clients HIPAA complaint secure live online video counseling. CounSol.com has specially designed features exclusively for counselors and clients who prefer counseling online via video sessions. Safe and secure video sessions take place within the protected client portal site. Our video platform allows for Counselors to screen share their desktop or specific windows on their computer. There are no software downloads; making it very simple to use on both ends, and video sessions are of unlimited use. Available on the following devices: Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops.
Secure Live Online Chat
Our online chat sessions are the safest method to preform instant messaging for counseling. Connect with clients through your secure admin while clients access the chat from their secure client site to ensure full security and privacy. All online chat sessions are stored in your admin records, and chat sessions are of unlimited use.
Schedule Group Sessions
Offer and schedule group sessions for office visits, phone calls, or online chat sessions. Set the time, location, duration, rate and size of the group, and clients can view and register for groups sessions from their client portal. (Group Video Sessions are not supported)
Client Billing & Invoicing
Send invoice notifications via email to your clients, and process credit cards within CounSol.com using a third party payment processor that we have partnered with. With a payment processor, your clients can pay their invoices directly online through your portal without needing you to be available. Your private admin keeps track of payments received and alerts you to any pending invoices.
Electronic Insurance Claim Submission
CounSol.com makes creating, submitting, and viewing claims and their statuses simple. We coordinate with a third party clearinghouse so you can easily submit your 837 EDI claims electronically and receive ERAs through our system. Simply set up an account with the clearinghouse and enter your account credentials into CounSol.com. Pre-populated information allows you to complete the 1500 form with ease. ERA viewing and processing removes the hassle from tracking and posting claim remittances. If you submit claims offline, just complete the CMS-1500 form in our system and print it onto an OCR-scannable red ink paper form.
Client Journal
Your clients can log in to their secure account and write in their personal private journal at any time. Clients have the option to share each entry with their with their counselor at let it remain saved as private.
Online Appointment Booking & Availability
Clients can login to view your available time slots for the hour, day, week and month. Offer as many different session lengths as you want, each with it’s own listed rate, and add flexibility for your clients. Clients can then schedule appointments in any time slots you choose to make available. Online booking gives your clients more options and control over fitting sessions into their own schedules increasing the ease and frequency of appointments booked.
Task List
Keeping an organized list of tasks is essential for many professionals as practices expand and responsibilities grow. With our Task List, you can create, organize, prioritize and update a to-do list of tasks within your CounSol.com account.
Client Birthday Notifications
Maintaining a high level of professional interaction with clients is beneficial for establishing trust and keeping your treatment at the forefront of your clients' thoughts. The birthday feature allows you to keep track of upcoming birthdays, and allows to create an optional custom birthday message to automatically send through email to clients on their birthdays.
HIPAA Compliant
Our state of the art service was designed to protect the privacy of all counselors and clients. We have taken steps beyond just the basic required components for HIPAA compliance. Our servers are housed in a Tier-IV data center with SSAE16, HITRUST, ISO 27001 & PCI 2.0 compliance. PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards are applied to our internal systems and software. All traffic is required to use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with 256-bit encryption. All users have a unique login, and all user activity is recorded and stored. No sensitive information is ever sent via email, and data is backed up hourly again with 256-bit encryption. Our number one priority is making sure your information is safe and secure.
Personal Account Manager
We value all of our clients and take great pride in an outstanding level of personalized customer service you won’t find anywhere else. We know your time is valuable, so each account is assigned to one account manager who will assist you from the very start, get to know you and your practice’s needs, and stay with you as your main contact throughout your membership at CounSol.com.
Advertise Your Practice Online at CounselorListing.com
Increase your practice’s exposure online through CounselorListing.com where potential clients can search the directory of counselors by the type of counseling and/or zip code. Listing your practice is a fast and easy way to give your practice the added exposure needed to help maintain and grow your client base.
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Available Add-on Features

Wiley Practice Planners
Pressure from third-party payers, accrediting agencies, and other outside parties has increased the need for clinicians to quickly produce effective, high-quality treatment plans. Treatment Planners in the Wiley Practice Planner series provide all the elements necessary to quickly and easily develop formal treatment plans that satisfy the needs of most third-party payers and state and federal review agencies. Only Additional $20/Month Per Counselor. Includes full access to all of Wiley’s Treatment Planners, Progress Note Planners, and Homework Planners.
With just a few clicks, e-Prescriptions can be sent off to a patient’s pharmacy. We give doctors access to useful drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions that are automatically checked against a patient’s current medication and allergy list. Potential interactions are identified by pop-up alerts describing the problem and its potential seriousness. If a doctor wants to know more, we have you covered-each alert is clickable and detailed information can be accessed here. Pricing Per User: EPCS $60/Mo, NON-EPCS $50/Mo, AGENT $25/Mo. Who ever said e-Prescribing had to be a headache? Not us!
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"I am absolutely delighted with CounSol.com. I have used other online software and business management tools and they always fell short. In fact, before I found CounSol.com I was using two different systems in order to make sure my practice was well managed. Counsol.com offers a comprehensive set of features that has dramatically improved my bottom line and has improved my practice management. As an added bonus, the customer service Counsol.com offers is remarkable."
Gemma Stone
Registered Clinical Psychologist
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