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Client Login Attempts

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Difficulty with logging into the system is most often a result of simple user error. This tool can be helpful when troubleshooting login issues with clients as it records every failed login attempt and gives you the reason the attempt failed.





How to view the history of failed login attempts on the client portal:



1. Select the Clients icon, then click the Login Attempts tab from the tab menu bar.



2. A complete list will display all failed login attempts and the reasons for failure.







Incorrect Password


If a client cannot remember the correct password, use the Password Reset button on the client's Overview page to send an email with a link that allows for resetting the current password.


No Match For Username


If a client cannot remember the correct username, you can either provide the username to them (listed on the client's Overview page) in person, or click the Username Reminder button at the bottom of the client's Overview page.



NOTE: If a client says they cannot login to the portal, but you see no record of attempts to login by the client, the client is either attempting to login to the wrong page, or the client is attempting to register on the portal instead of login.  Security settings will generally not allow a client to register if their info is already on file in a registered account.  You may want to use the Resend Welcome Email button to give the client fresh login credentials (the password in welcome emails expires after 72 hours), or simply direct the client to the login page instructing them to use the login credentials provided in the original welcome email.