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    Rick Merillat, LCSW
    "As a single practitioner, CounSol has made life easy. Customer service is great and they are always adding new features. Clients love it. Best investment for my practice."

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    Dr. Michele O'Mara, Ph.D, LCSW
    "Absolute fan of Huge time saver! Best HIPAA compliant software on the market! I am always recommending to my colleagues."

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    Ward Lassoe, LPC
    "CounSol is the best online solution for a private therapy practice without a doubt. The ease of use, responsive customer support, and user-friendly design make it the clear choice."

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    Dr. Grace Malonai, LPCC
    "I view as a valuable investment for my counseling practice. CounSol's customer service is top notch. I'm very pleased with this service, and recommend CounSol with confidence!"

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    Jennifer Behm, LPC
    " is my administrative assistant. The system is intuitive, so it is easy to learn. The customer service is fast, efficient, and professional. I highly recommend"

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    Dr. Henry Dooley
    "Nice and affordable EMR system. not only saves me time, but it offers great convenience to my clients. Constantly improving the service and they are forward looking. Highly recommend!"

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    Meredith Wilson, LCSW
    " allows me to keep track of everything in one place. Easy integration for processing claims and credit card payments. Exceptional customer support!"

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  • " My patients said they love how easy it is
    to view and schedule sessions online "
  • " I love using this service. I wish I would have started using this when I first opened my practice. "
  • " I definitely feel I have a true competitive advantage over other counselors who do not use "
  • " Who needs an office assistant? CounSol does it all for a low monthly fee. You will not find an office assistant who is willing to work for this cheap. "
  • " Automatic appointment reminder text messages have greatly reduced my no shows. Appointment reminders alone make this service worth every penny "
  • " Offering online counseling has allowed me to increase patients scheduled per week and offer my services statewide "
  • " CounSol Complete Practice Management is a must have for anyone running their own practice "
  • " My patients feel like they are dealing with a true professional when they login to my secure patient area "
  • " For the first time I can pull up
    patient information and notes with ease "
  • " The most valuable business expense for my practice "
  • " A colleague recommended me to Service sounded great, but did not truly realize how powerful this service was until implementing it into my practice "
  • " Now I cannot ever imagine running my practice
    without using "