"I learned of Counsol almost 7 years and have had an incredible experience. Most striking is how invested and responsive my assigned representative has been in helping me address any questions or needs. I am a bit technologically challenged, and yet found Counsol to be very user friendly, particularly because my account manager was available to answer my questions over the phone and in real time.

The features I most appreciate are the electronic scheduling feature, which has saved me hours each week that I used to spend playing email/phone tag with clients, only for them to respond after the offered time has been accepted by another client. I also appreciate the ease of billing, whether to submit client's out of network insurance claims or to keep payment records for myself. The mail feature puts me at ease given it is HIPAA Compliant, and has also been recommended to me by HIPAA trainers above all others for this reasons.

Also note that I have referred dozens of friends and colleagues to Counsol, all of whom have thanked me for the recommendation given their similar positive experiences. Thank you to my account manager and Counsol for allowing me to focus on what matters most, which is client care, and helping me to efficiently and effectively take care of the rest."
Emily G, LPC, CPCS
Pine River Psychotherapy Associates
"I have been using Counsol since the beginning of my private practice 4 yrs. ago. I get great feedback from my clients on ease of use for them to register online. I have found the customer service to be very responsive to suggestions and my questions have always been answered the same day. The user interface is clean and simple. I have looked around at other services but I have not found others that offer the same service for a better price."
Joelle D. MD, MA, LPC
Little Traverse Family Counseling
"As a small business owner with limited time and a focus on client activity, I don't have the energy and skill set to tailor a counseling software package to my specific needs. Enter CounSol.com to the rescue. Why everyone isn't using this software is beyond me. Not only does CounSol.com provide the bells and whistles that are standard on most therapy software programs, they provide numerous options for customizing a package to your practice's specific needs. The program is so adaptable and user friendly. One of the highlights of CounSol.com is the fact you are assigned your own "case manager", how cool is that from a counseling perspective! I have had the pleasure of learning from and working with Matt at CounSol.com for several years now. Matt and the CounSol.com team provide incredibly quick and responsive solutions to my "asks". Not only are my requests addressed, Matt often comes up with even better ideas to streamline my processes and increase functionality. As my counseling business has developed, CounSol.com has adapted the software program to meet my needs. I can't recommend this company and the team high enough. Thank you!"
Sandra K
"I have used CounSol for about 3 years now. It is well worth the money. Some of the ways I use it: I created custom intakes which all client's fill out in the encrypted portal before the first visit (if I see something concerning, I'm able to contact the client before our first visit, plus I already have an idea about what to expect). Client's also electronically sign HIPPAA, Informed Consent, Policies, etc. I am able to create labels for clients such as "couple" "minor" etc., so that the system automatically assigns certain forms or resources to be available just to those clients. Client's often schedule on line, saving us all time and the reminder emails/texts help my clients to show up and help me look professional. One of the greatest features is that the portal colors, fonts, etc. are easily customized so that the portal matches my website and logo and it doesn't say "CounSol" anywhere. This gives the impression that it's in house and not just a service. Then there is all the billing (customized invoices, super bills, printing 1500 insurance claims), private encrypted messaging, progress notes/psychotherapy notes, interactive calendar, etc., etc., I also can download everything and store pass-word protected files just in the event that something goes very wrong (which won't happen because CounSol has redundancy, but I like the extra security and knowing that I can access records without a connection). Now, I've saved the best for last! If I get stuck, I can call and customer service is usually right there or call back very soon! For me that is the biggest reason I made the switch from another service. If I'm stuck, I need help, just like my clients! I embrace technology, but need a human being to aid me if I don't understand. Give it a shot and I think you won't look back!"
Cliff J, LMFT
North Valley Counseling
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