"I have been using Counsol for a little over a year. The transition was tough at first but has been worth all the time I put into it on the front end. I feel way more secure having all my notes, billing and calendar in one place instead of papers and locked file cabinets all over the place. Counsol does a great job monitoring HIPPA things I did not even think about. My clients have had very little complaints and most of them LOVE the ease of accessing their accounts online when they want to. I struggle a bit with how to fully use the calendar feature but the customer support has been very prompt to answer my many questions. My taxes were SO MUCH easier this year because Counsol kept track of every penny I earned."
Heather M. LPC
"Having made my practice fully paperless, I love working with this site -- and so do my clients. They are very happy with the available options, especially the option to reschedule appointments at their convenience, no matter the hour, and without contacting me."
Donna C.
CCS Training Services
"I investigated and compared the service to about 6 or 7 other "practice management" platforms for months. My objective in deciding on what service to use was simple: to reduce all management and admin time while increasing client contact and treatment time. Everybody’s service was person dependent (and that was person was me - and a secretary that I prefer NOT to hire) - except this product - this one FACILITATES the client to take an ACTIVE role in scheduling, bill paying, and completing all paperwork without handholding; I’m an outpatient mental health professional - not inpatient. This service accomplished my goal very quickly... within one week I was able to measure a reduction in admin time 30 fewer minutes per day! I’m only in my fourth week and up to nearly 50 cases registered; this week I will see more clients than ever (34) AND my admin time is even less than it was at week #2. More clients and LESS admin time? It’s almost counter intuitive - but NOT with Counsol.com’s approach. This outfit has it right! Today I am leaving my office within 30 minutes of the last session (all forms completed, all notes done, all billing and payments posted and processed, insurance records updated for my billing agent, new treatment plans for 2 cases finished and after seeing 6 people --- and I’m heading home 30 minutes early! In my first couple days of use 18 clients were registered (2 of them were new cases). I see this time management issue getting better and better as I get more skilled in the platform; the adjustment has been just that - but in less than 4 days my savings in time was measurable. My records are secure (probably better than a filing cabinet); the flexibility of the company to make adjustments that are intuitive to a sole proprietor has been simply awesome; I can either keep the files electronic or print and have an impressive record for legal reasons, other providers, etc. etc. etc. Absolutely impressed!"
Kurt LaRose MSW LCSW
"Affordable and Excellent Customer Service! I have been using CounSol.com for over a year now after trying out 2 other EHRs. The features of emailing or texting my clients of their appointments and the insurance billing functions are helpful for running my practice more efficiently. The customer service is top notched and they are quick to respond to any questions that I have. They seem to be also upgrading the software to add or modify features. My clients have told me how much they appreciate completing the paperwork before hand also."
Pamela Rule
Chrysalis Coaching and Counseling Services LLC
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