"Since I began using CounSol.com,my business has been running more smoothly, I have retained more clients, and have enjoyed increased peace of mind. I did my research before choosing this service, and there is simply nothing else out there that comes close to CounSol.com in terms of ease of use, customer service, and cost. The support team actually listens to you and is there on the spot literally the second you have a problem. They actively work to make using CounSol.com a good experience for both you and your clients. You have to try it - you won't regret it."
Stephanie Adams, MA, LPC
"As a solo practitioner, I've used several different online services for managing my practice. CounSol is definitely head and shoulders above the rest. Some of the things that set them apart are: seamless integration with my exisiting website; ease of use and access for clients; integration with paper-free office practices; reasonable pricing. And my favorite is the highly-responsive customer service, and their openness to suggestions for new features. CounSol is the perfect compromise for a medium-sized solo private practice.

I love how the treatment, billing and scheduling all are seamlessly integrated. I feel confident that any information I need I can easily access at any time, anywhere. I am also very impressed with the responsiveness of the customer service team."
Mika G, MFT
Director Gifted Matters
"After trying out several practice management softwares, I decided on Counsol. I have been using Counsol for over 2 years. The main reasons I chose Counsol were the professional-looking interface, the ease of use, and the flexibility to customize forms. I especially like the ability to have clients read, fill out, and sign forms online. When they come in for their first session I don't have to take up most of the session with paperwork. I like that I'm not tied to pre-existing forms, and I have created many of my own forms for the purpose. Clients also appreciate getting email reminders the day before their session. Having a place to exchange secure messages and upload documents is great. The insurance billing feature allows me to do all my billing with a few clicks. This saves a lot of time and frustration. The information auto-populates from the invoice, which is produced automatically from the calendar. I would prefer to skip the invoice and have information auto-populate from a treatment plan, but that's not a major issue. My account manager has been very responsive whenever I have a problem or suggestion, and a couple of my suggestions were quickly incorporated into the software. The only feature that leaves room for improvement is reports. It would be great to have a lot more reports, either pre-formatted or customizable, about the practice. Counsol regularly adds features, so I wouldn't be surprised if they also improve this area. Every once in a while I give another look at other software, but I always come back to Counsol. It offers a combination of features, ease of use and customer service not available in other companies, even more expensive ones. Overall a great value."
Rosalie Bruning, LMFT
"I love CounSol.com. It is a very reasonable rate for what you get. I decided on it after seeing good reviews on a blog. I do not have the feature for online sessions set up, but wanted that available to me in case I decided to do this in the future. It pays for itself by presenting no-shows. My clients love the texts/emails they receive regarding their appointments. I have had so many people tell me that without it, they would have missed the appointment. I have also saved time and money on sending out packets prior to sessions, as I usually did, so that clients had a lot of time to spend on their pre- session BIO form for example. Now they can just do them on CounSol.com.

My personal assistant - Yes you have your own!!- is so helpful if I have questions or concerns about anything to do with CounSol. This is an awesome customer service feature. Someone actually answers the phone or emails you in a timely manner regarding your concerns!!! It is also very helpful with keeping track of data- sessions, dates, all of that- in one place. Also, they keep adding great new items."
Marsha Divers-Wiggs, M.Ed. LPC
Avalon Counseling
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