"I love CounSol.com. It is a very reasonable rate for what you get. I decided on it after seeing good reviews on a blog. I do not have the feature for online sessions set up, but wanted that available to me in case I decided to do this in the future. It pays for itself by presenting no-shows. My clients love the texts/emails they receive regarding their appointments. I have had so many people tell me that without it, they would have missed the appointment. I have also saved time and money on sending out packets prior to sessions, as I usually did, so that clients had a lot of time to spend on their pre- session BIO form for example. Now they can just do them on CounSol.com.

My personal assistant - Yes you have your own!!- is so helpful if I have questions or concerns about anything to do with CounSol. This is an awesome customer service feature. Someone actually answers the phone or emails you in a timely manner regarding your concerns!!! It is also very helpful with keeping track of data- sessions, dates, all of that- in one place. Also, they keep adding great new items."
Marsha Divers-Wiggs, M.Ed. LPC
Avalon Counseling
"Since I began using Counsol.com for my counseling practice management a little over a year ago, my practice has doubled in volume of clients and I am more and better organized than ever. My clients find the portal easy to navigate and I also get positive feedback about the scheduling, notes, and journal features. My clients appreciate the session reminders, and I rarely have missed sessions anymore. I find the feature-rich service to meet all of my needs, and the developers continually improve upon them while also adding more functionality and features. Most importantly the customer service is simply outstanding! Using Counsol has been the best decision I have made for my private counseling practice, and I recommend it to all of my colleagues."
David Llewellyn, LMHC, CSAT
Spectrum Recovery Solutions, LLC
Estero and Naples FL
"I have been using CounSol for almost two years now. I'm not sure why it isn't more popular that it is because it seems to have all the things I need. Because I currently work two jobs I haven't really sat down to keep learning about the software but honestly the more I learn the more I like the program. I plan to sit down with it and use it to it's full advantage soon and I am quite excited and know that it has the features I want. I can upgrade and downgrade the video capability as needed if I have a client in need of video. I also really love the shared journal aspect that I don't think other practice management systems have! Especially because I work with complex trauma, sometimes my clients want to tell me things but it feels safer to write. Therefore they can inform me things early on in treatment so I am aware, but they don't have to tell their story until they are ready. I think my clients who use it feel more attended to and engaged which is important as I am a solo, private pay practitioner. Also, my support person always responds timely to my requests and questions and I have never had an issue or concern."
Stacey S.
Authentic Self Counseling
"I have found Counsol to be extremely helpful in starting my business! What I love most about this software is how easy it makes billing, taking and keeping notes, and sending insurance claims. Counsol is like having an office assistant but for much less. Thank you Counsol!"
Jennifer Carter
Licensed Professional Counselor
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