"No Regrets! Fabulous Service. It took me quite a while to choose a practice management software when I took my practice online and I have never looked back. Not only was CounSol.com affordable, easy to use and versatile for a number of differing client needs and types of office situations (telemental health, client journaling feature, credit card payments, automatic session reminders, online billing) but the customer service and responsiveness is unsurpassed. If I couldn't do something with the system they got back to me right away and showed me how. If the system couldn't do it, they often put the programmers on it right away and improved the functionality. I have had not one problem. Highly recommend and my clients love it too."
Alyson Giardini, LMFT
Marriage and Family Therapist
"Great Practice Management Software! Counsol.com keeps my practice completely organized. Progress notes, billing, insurance claims submission and paperwork are all in one place and easily manageable. Customer support, is always accessible and thoroughly answers my questions. Very pleased with Counsol.com."
Donna McCarrell
Perspectives LLC
"Exceptional. Excellent. Great customer service when needed and the system is easy to maneuver. I like the reminders/prompts that my clients received for their appointments. I like that the site easily converts to mobile when I access it by phone. I also like the ease in which I can modify parts of my office procedures/policies, etc. Sometimes it is difficulty for me to find certain parts of the system (e.g., where to change my rates in the system, etc.). However, I attribute this to the infrequency in which I need to go to that area."
Vena Davis
Owner/Operator (THERAPIST)
"The software has made it tons easier for me to run my therapy practice. Life changing, really. I really like that there is a video feature built into the software and my clients and I don't have to download anything. The messaging works well and gives my clients confidence about their confidentiality. The scheduling and appointment reminders are a life saver. Also, my clients like when their appointment pops into their texts and they instantly add it to their calendars as they are standing in my office. I haven't use the insurance billing through the site, and I haven't used it to collect payment simply because I was already using QuickBooks. However, I think it's great that those features are included in the software."
Diana Z, LCPC
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