"Exceptional. Excellent. Great customer service when needed and the system is easy to maneuver. I like the reminders/prompts that my clients received for their appointments. I like that the site easily converts to mobile when I access it by phone. I also like the ease in which I can modify parts of my office procedures/policies, etc. Sometimes it is difficulty for me to find certain parts of the system (e.g., where to change my rates in the system, etc.). However, I attribute this to the infrequency in which I need to go to that area."
Vena Davis
Owner/Operator (THERAPIST)
"The software has made it tons easier for me to run my therapy practice. Life changing, really. I really like that there is a video feature built into the software and my clients and I don't have to download anything. The messaging works well and gives my clients confidence about their confidentiality. The scheduling and appointment reminders are a life saver. Also, my clients like when their appointment pops into their texts and they instantly add it to their calendars as they are standing in my office. I haven't use the insurance billing through the site, and I haven't used it to collect payment simply because I was already using QuickBooks. However, I think it's great that those features are included in the software."
Diana Z, LCPC
"I have been with CounSol for over a year now and absolutely love using it! It keeps my records so organized, everything is in one place and so easy to access. I love that it interfaces with Office Ally for insurance submissions and that clients can pay online prior to their appointment. What a time saver. Also, the HIIPA compliant online format is the best. It is so nice to be able to offer that as an option to clients."
Lesli Maul, LCSW, CEDS-S, CDWF
"I really enjoy working with CounSol. It has almost everything I need to run my counseling practice. I love being able to create my own online forms and have clients fill them out online. I also love their customer support! My account manager is very responsive and helpful."
Marta Kem, LMFT
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