"Everything I need is all in one place. Tracks appointments, secure electronic records system, create forms, text reminders of appointments to clients, videoconferencing capability... For my clients, the client portal allows them to make or cancel their own appointments, journal, complete forms, correspond securely. Everything is here. The best part of CounSol is the customer service and tech support. They will and do follow up, and the team members can be very patient in explaining and helping customers through learning how to work the system."
Christina P, MHC, LPC
"I love that I have an account manager and the customer representative is great. He gets back to you in a timely manner and is able to answer all of my questions. If he's unsure, the team gets together and they help problem solve. If the customer representative not available, there is always someone there to take over and answer your questions. It makes your experience more personable as opposed to a lot of places that you have to call and push several prompts until you FINALLY reach some one who doesn't know what you've been working on. I love that I can add my own forms. The pre-made forms are compliant with insurance company standards. Making and receiving payments is easy and everything is user-friendly. Overall, I have had a great experience with CounSol.com. It's affordable and easy to use."
Jennifer H. LMHC
"I love all of the features that Counsol offers! I am able to run my entire business just from this software. I generate all of my treatment plans and notes using Counsol. I am able to have my clients complete all of their intake paperwork prior to the appointment and I am able to view it. I love that I can keep up with all my billing with such ease and if I make a mistake it is all fixable. Counsol is very beneficial to my business, and saves so much time."
April Jones
Marriage and Family Therapist
"I am a single-shingle practitioner. I have a lot on my plate in terms of scheduling, returning phone calls and email, and don't have an office assistant. Counsol allows me the ability to keep track of my "to-dos", easily schedule patient sessions, WITH reminders in a matter of just a few minutes. I would be going bonkers trying to do everything that Counsol does on my own. Counsol is my Personal Assistant!"
Hollie H, CMHC
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