"I love all of the features that Counsol offers! I am able to run my entire business just from this software. I generate all of my treatment plans and notes using Counsol. I am able to have my clients complete all of their intake paperwork prior to the appointment and I am able to view it. I love that I can keep up with all my billing with such ease and if I make a mistake it is all fixable. Counsol is very beneficial to my business, and saves so much time."
April Jones
Marriage and Family Therapist
"I am a single-shingle practitioner. I have a lot on my plate in terms of scheduling, returning phone calls and email, and don't have an office assistant. Counsol allows me the ability to keep track of my "to-dos", easily schedule patient sessions, WITH reminders in a matter of just a few minutes. I would be going bonkers trying to do everything that Counsol does on my own. Counsol is my Personal Assistant!"
Hollie H, CMHC
"All the features are integrated in one location--this program literally does every single thing that I listed as "needed" and "wanted" (including reminder calls, texts and emails!) when I was looking for an EHR. Best yet, it's all covered in one price. Counsol.com has relieved me of so much stress and worry about scheduling, reminders calls, and making sure I submitted to insurance then posted payment. The hardest part of my counseling agency is the book work and counsol.com has addressed so many of those challenges and lets me do my actual job!"
AnnMarie B, MSW, LCSW
"The best practice management for the money! Counsol grows with me. Every time I've thought of a way to change my business, it's been easy to add more functions to my system. Counsol's customer service is excellent! I never have a problem getting the help that I need. They really go out of their way to take care of my needs and concerns."
Ryan G, LMFT
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