"Highly recommend for group or solo practice. I love how it's so user friendly, my patients love the portal and online scheduling, and I also think the customer service is unbeatable!"
Rivka S, LCSW-C
"The combination of many services in one such as online scheduling, appointment reminders, secure record management, templates as well as the ability to upload custom forms, billing including invoices and credit cards and even submitting to insurance -- all in one place helps me manage my private practice well and efficiently. With appointment reminders, my no shows were drastically reduced. Most clients really appreciate them. Customer support is excellent and very responsive by telephone and email. The software is often updated and new features added. It is very easy to learn and use. I have been an extremely satisfied user since 2013."
Norma Stevens
Clinical Professional Counselor
"I am a big fan of CounSol. It makes managing my practice a breeze with their automated session reminders, billing and invoicing, and communication with clients. I like how everything is in one place and very easy for both myself and my clients to use. In addition, my customer service rep is always quick to respond and very helpful. Excellent Experience!"
Amber Martin Corbi, LPC, LLC
"Incredibly Useful for Counselors and Clients. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida. I have been working with CounSol.com since very early in it's inception in 2011. I have been incredibly pleased with the customer service and the software as it continues to grow to address the needs of those of use who use it!"
Jodi U, MEd. LMHC
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