"Counsol.com is amazing!! This software is extremely easy to use and user friendly, especially for someone who is not very tech-savvy. I appreciate that the software is tailored specifically for mental health professionals and has all the resources that I need. I really like the reminder texts for my clients regarding upcoming appointments. I also like that I can conduct all of my business through this software (i.e. documentation, billing, scheduling, etc.). It really is a one-stop shop! Customer service has always been super prompt and helpful!"
Jennifer S
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
"Private Practice Genie! With my growing private practice, Counsol has helped me to keep organized, get my notes and treatment done efficiently, send appt reminders, track my invoicing, provide secure emailing and lots more. My clients especially like the ability to journal between sessions. The tech support is very helpful. Overall, I am very satisfied with Counsol."
Shea K
"Highly recommend CounSol.com!! I have been using CounSol.com for over a year an have now, & I have to say that I highly recommend this platform to busy professionals. I find Counsol to be intuitive to use & so do my clients. Not only is CounSol.com a great value, I think that their customer service is second to none; my account manager is extremely knowledgeable & helpful."
Jabneel T. LMHC
"I love the appointment reminders for clients, which helps to improve appointment attendance. I also love that Counsol is always adding updates, like recently offering Wiley treatment plans for an additional fee. This makes my charting so much easier and more streamlined. The interface is user-friendly and fairly intuitive once you get set up. Moving to electronic health records through CounSol.com has allowed me to access clients' charts when it's urgent, whether to access their contact information if I need to cancel unexpectedly, or even to locate a client's address when I needed to send emergency services to a client's home. Paper charts would have meant driving to my office to find such information. Overall great experience with Counsol!"
Amy B,
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
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