"I have used CounSol for several years to manage all the functions of my private psychotherapy practice (scheduling, appointment reminders, notes, billing, claim filing). I recommend it to every single colleague that I encounter who is either looking for recommendations for practice management software or is unhappy with their current option. I find the interface intuitive, straight forward, and the technical support when I have a question is absolutely stellar. I have had the same direct contact at CounSol for 3 years and they respond FAST! It is also fully customizable and you can enable or disable all the different options depending on what works best for you at the time. My clients are also happy with it as they use it to complete consent forms, enter biopsychosocial history info, get appointment reminders, and for the past several months have been using it as platform for Telehealth with great results."
Meredith W
"CounSol is a great asset to my practice! I began using CounSol 2+ years ago. This software enables me to provide secure, user-friendly telehealth services, billing and record keeping all in one location. The customer service has been prompt and helpful when I have a question: this was especially helpful as I transitioned my services to telehealth due to COVID 19. Clients can schedule sessions on their own and the system will send reminders to client which they have reported they appreciate and for me, this feature has greatly reduced no-shows. I highly recommended it!"
Liz U
Licensed Professional Counselor
"I love Counsol and have used it for years. Having a personal representative to contact with help regarding adding documents or troubleshooting is AMAZING. He is my guy and he makes the "hard things" for my brain so easy to navigate. I cannot brag on him and his responsiveness enough. I love Counsol and its user friendliness!"
Ashley R
"I spent a lot of time researching various software programs to meet the needs of the new counseling center I was opening. I wanted an all-in-one system that would allow for customization with forms, EHR, online counseling, and billing. One of the features I like about this particular program is the client journal. I have several clients who really like that feature. I had set up a practice client and learned about the ins and outs of the program and decided it was the one for me even though it was a little more expensive than some of the others. I have not regretted this decision, as it has come through well for me. Overall, using CounSol.com has been a great benefit to my business. I cannot imagine not having the features that I mentioned above. Each feature has helped my business run more smoothly."
Jill N
Licensed Professional Counselor
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