"I love this software. My clients love being able to register online and receive the email and text reminders. I love how it tracks my billings, allows me to customize my notes and reporting. It provides DSM diagnosis codes for invoices for clients. Many other functions which are great. You can't beat the price either. Great Software!"
Peter Marsh, LMFT
Eleven Six Counseling Inc.
"I picked Counsol instead of other EHR solutions mainly because of its simplicity and capacity for customization. It was also an affordably priced option. Each time I have needed something or had questions the company has been responsive to my needs. Indeed, the software keeps getting better and better. It is flexible and intuitive and offers what I need to make sure my clinical records are in good shape.

To anyone considering whether to switch from paper, do not give it one more moment of thought, just do it! I cannot imagine ever returning to having to keep paper records. For starters, I can be certain that the basic details of my clinical record (e.g. dates of service, charges, basic demographic info) are always in place. Secondly, I can securely write a progress note from my home computer without having to illegally take a paper record out of the locked office.

The best feature: text message and email appointment reminders. I get almost zero no-shows these days. Before I started with Counsol I would often encounter either people forgetting their appointments or confusion about the time. All of that has disappeared. Clients can go online to remind themselves of when their next appointment is scheduled, and they start getting reminders for their upcoming appointment a day in advance. I still get some cancellations of course, but the decrease in no-shows alone pays for the service each month.

Another great feature: When I take on a new client I send them a link to my secure website and have them fill out my intake paperwork and sign my disclosure electronically before I ever see them. No paper to take up precious session time, and the clients love it."
Dr. Heather Smith, Psychologist
"I have utilized this software for almost two years and it has become a staple in my day to day operations. Clients who were with me during my previous software and new clients alike thank me often for the appointment reminder feature. I love the patient portal and client's ability to manage their own appointments without contacting me first. The added benefit of having an online journal and mail system has been very helpful. Being a solo provider, it definitely assists with decreasing the number of calls I have to return. My account manager has been extremely helpful and prompt with answering any and all of the questions over the past two years. I recommend it for clinicians who see patients in office or online/phone."
Alisha M, Life Clarity Group
"After years of being in private practice, I could tell that I was getting close to burn out. Like most of us, I am the therapist, the janitor, the office manager, the marketing team, and everything in between. It was just too much on me. At the suggestion of a friend, I started looking at scheduling software. I searched online and ran across several different options, and even tried them out. I found one that I liked, but it was designed for hair salons and similar business. I made notes of my favorite features and then started another search once I realized that electronic records and scheduling systems were actually within my cost point. I had no idea what was possible before. I still have the piece of paper somewhere in my stack where I sat down with all of the various software programs I found that were designed with therapists in mind. I wrote down all of the features and then bubbled in which programs had which features. Counsol was the only one that had all of the features that I needed. Client scheduling, reminders, records, and a way to complete all paperwork online before the session, check. A way to integrate credit card/online payments and to work seamlessly with my website, check. A way to conduct sessions via secure electronic means inside the system (so no one has to download special programs), check. A place for me to store common worksheets that I share with clients, and even to set it up so clients only get access to those things that pertain to their treatment, check. A way for clients to download Superbills to share with their insurance companies, check. A way to share notes with clients on what to do between sessions, check. A place for me to privately share my reflections to help keep me on track, check. A journal option for clients that allows them to record their thoughts between sessions and to decide whether or not to share it with me, check (no one else has this to my knowledge and my clients absolutely adore it). A way to block clients from being able to schedule at certain times, or to only allow certain session lengths or types (phone, video, etc.), check. Everything with Counsol has been perfect. I can't say enough good things. They have made my life much easier for the past few years. I can't imagine functioning without them. I now have peace of mind!"
Tammy Whitten, MS, LMFT, CFLE, PLLC
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