Read reviews and testimonials by users of our Practice Management Software for Counselors.

picture of Anastasia B<br />
"Great EMR Software! This software is incredibly easy to use and to navigate for even the most novice of users. I was able to teach myself to use the system and am still learning new ways of using it to make my documentation more efficient. I also very much appreciate the customer support and the ease of communication with the team. I have had a very good experience with CounSol and highly recommend it!"
Anastasia B
picture of Emily G, LPC, CPCS<br />
Pine River Psychotherapy Associates
"I learned of Counsol almost 9 years ago and have had an incredible experience. Most striking is how invested and responsive my assigned representative has been in helping me address any questions or needs. I am a bit technologically challenged, and yet found Counsol to be very user friendly, particularly because my account manager was available to answer my questions over the phone and in real time.

The features I most appreciate are the electronic scheduling feature, which has saved me hours each week that I used to spend playing email/phone tag with clients, only for them to respond after the offered time has been accepted by another client. I also appreciate the ease of billing, whether to submit client's out of network insurance claims or to keep payment records for myself. The mail feature puts me at ease given it is HIPAA Compliant, and has also been recommended to me by HIPAA trainers above all others for this reasons.

Also note that I have referred dozens of friends and colleagues to Counsol, all of whom have thanked me for the recommendation given their similar positive experiences. Thank you to my account manager and Counsol for allowing me to focus on what matters most, which is client care, and helping me to efficiently and effectively take care of the rest."
Emily G, LPC, CPCS
Pine River Psychotherapy Associates
picture of Audra D<br />
Counselor and Director of Counseling
"This EHR is a life-saver! CounSol has the best overall system. The therapy notes, client database, billing, calendar, and practice analytics are all better than their competitors when you pair it with ease of execution, use, and support. It is a very straight-forward intuitive system and it is always improving. We implemented CounSol at the beginning of COVID when we had to transition from paper files to EHR to enable the continuation of our practice virtually during the shut down. It was an incredibly stressful time and the support I received made it possible to completely transition to EHR in less than 2 weeks! The system is so intuitive and it just makes sense."
Audra D
Counselor and Director of Counseling
picture of Ward L<br />
Licensed Professional Counselor
"Counsol.com is the best online solution for a private therapy practice without a doubt. I looked at all the options, and most offer similar features, but Counsol has the whole package. The ease of use, responsive customer support, and user-friendly design make it the clear choice. Counsol.com easily pays for itself by saving me time and allowing me to concentrate on treating my clients and building my practice."
Ward L
Licensed Professional Counselor
picture of Cliff J, LMFT<br />
North Valley Counseling
"I have used CounSol for about 7 years now. It is well worth the money. Some of the ways I use it: I created custom intakes which all client's fill out in the encrypted portal before the first visit (if I see something concerning, I'm able to contact the client before our first visit, plus I already have an idea about what to expect). Client's also electronically sign HIPPAA, Informed Consent, Policies, etc. I am able to create labels for clients such as "couple" "minor" etc., so that the system automatically assigns certain forms or resources to be available just to those clients. Client's often schedule on line, saving us all time and the reminder emails/texts help my clients to show up and help me look professional. One of the greatest features is that the portal colors, fonts, etc. are easily customized so that the portal matches my website and logo and it doesn't say "CounSol" anywhere. This gives the impression that it's in house and not just a service. Then there is all the billing (customized invoices, super bills, printing 1500 insurance claims), private encrypted messaging, progress notes/psychotherapy notes, interactive calendar, etc., etc., I also can download everything and store pass-word protected files just in the event that something goes very wrong (which won't happen because CounSol has redundancy, but I like the extra security and knowing that I can access records without a connection). Now, I've saved the best for last! If I get stuck, I can call and customer service is usually right there or call back very soon! For me that is the biggest reason I made the switch from another service. If I'm stuck, I need help, just like my clients! I embrace technology, but need a human being to aid me if I don't understand. Give it a shot and I think you won't look back!"
Cliff J, LMFT
North Valley Counseling
picture of Michelle W<br />
"Counsol is the best out there! Counsol is the option I chose after suffering form other therapist-aid websites. After doing careful research, getting a lot of customer support and questions answered, Counsol was obviously the best option, and for the price. Once I had everything set up, [and the options are endless for detailing to your practice's own unique needs] I never ran into any issues, had zero complaints, and have been smooth sailing ever since. I am very grateful to have discovered this website."
Michelle W
picture of Dr. Paula N<br />
"Counsol is very easy to use. There is no need to download software to use the site and my clients love the features - the journal - email - and ability to schedule with me themselves. I appreciate the layer of HIPAA security. The support is amazing and super responsive. My account manager is always available to help me with questions. Counsol is user-friendly and HIPAA secure!"
Dr. Paula N
picture of Stephanie B<br />
Clinical Therapist, Life Coach & Owner
"I love everything about this software. I am not that computer savvy but this program made it easy for me to transition to my first EHR. What makes it even better is they assign you with a CAM "Counselor Account Manager" who is available to assist you in navigating through the system and with any roadblocks you may encounter. I needed an EHR that I didn't have to do a complete overhaul to get adjusted too. I was working with SquareUp (merchant) and Office Ally (clearinghouse) already and CounSol accepted both of those. The video conferencing feature is great for distance counseling and backup for weather issues. My clients just click on a button and we're in session. I must say my CAM is phenomenal. While working through the tutorials I saw that there was a feature that they were not using. Talked to the agent and he went to research it. Called me back to say "hey talked to my programming team and we are going to add this feature, thanks for pointing this out." So cool! I mean I could go on and on but I'll leave you with this one last piece. They have a online journal through my clients secure portal and to cut down on buying journals or telling clients to get one they now can go into their profile and write daily. I don't have to see it but if they want me to all they have to do is click the "share" button and its easy as that and I can respond to them as well. CounSol I think I've fallen in love!"
Stephanie B
Clinical Therapist, Life Coach & Owner
picture of Teri S, LCSW<br />
Appalachian Counseling LLC
"I am so glad I switched to Counsol. When I first started my solo practice I used another well known practice management service. It looked slick, but their only customer service was via email or chat, and mostly they referred you to lengthy tutorials that you had to watch. It was very time-consuming and stressful to try to figure the system out. I never trusted them with my billing because I was afraid it would be a nightmare to figure out how to do it or to solve problems, due to the lack of customer service. Every Counsol customer is assigned an account manager who is accessible during business hours to guide you through the learning process. My account manager, returns calls quickly and seems to have an endless supply of patience and good humor. This is very helpful because I am sort of a techno-newb. But I have caught on and billing and documentation is a breeze at this point. I only wish I had started out with Counsol and not wasted time and money on the other practice management service."
Teri S, LCSW
Appalachian Counseling LLC
picture of Peter M, LMFT<br />
Eleven Six Counseling Inc.
"I love this software. My clients love being able to register online and receive the email and text reminders. I love how it tracks my billings, allows me to customize my notes and reporting. It provides DSM diagnosis codes for invoices for clients. Many other functions which are great. You can't beat the price either. Great Software!"
Peter M, LMFT
Eleven Six Counseling Inc.
picture of Sonja R, Psy.D., LP, ABPP, BC-TMH<br />
Clinical Psychologist
"Great EHR for therapists! Easy to use, my patients are able to login and schedule own appointments, if no appointments are available I can put them on a waitlist and the system will email when an appointment opens up. My patients love the ease of it and I use it for treatment plans, notes, consent and billing. Staff is easy to work with and I am able to reach my provider rep easily via phone or via email. The system works flawlessly. I love it!!"
Sonja R, Psy.D., LP, ABPP, BC-TMH
Clinical Psychologist
picture of Dr. Heather S, Psychologist
"I picked Counsol instead of other EHR solutions mainly because of its simplicity and capacity for customization. It was also an affordably priced option. Each time I have needed something or had questions the company has been responsive to my needs. Indeed, the software keeps getting better and better. It is flexible and intuitive and offers what I need to make sure my clinical records are in good shape.

To anyone considering whether to switch from paper, do not give it one more moment of thought, just do it! I cannot imagine ever returning to having to keep paper records. For starters, I can be certain that the basic details of my clinical record (e.g. dates of service, charges, basic demographic info) are always in place. Secondly, I can securely write a progress note from my home computer without having to illegally take a paper record out of the locked office.

The best feature: text message and email appointment reminders. I get almost zero no-shows these days. Before I started with Counsol I would often encounter either people forgetting their appointments or confusion about the time. All of that has disappeared. Clients can go online to remind themselves of when their next appointment is scheduled, and they start getting reminders for their upcoming appointment a day in advance. I still get some cancellations of course, but the decrease in no-shows alone pays for the service each month.

Another great feature: When I take on a new client I send them a link to my secure website and have them fill out my intake paperwork and sign my disclosure electronically before I ever see them. No paper to take up precious session time, and the clients love it."
Dr. Heather S, Psychologist
picture of Alisha M, Life Clarity Group
"I have utilized this software for almost two years and it has become a staple in my day to day operations. Clients who were with me during my previous software and new clients alike thank me often for the appointment reminder feature. I love the patient portal and client's ability to manage their own appointments without contacting me first. The added benefit of having an online journal and mail system has been very helpful. Being a solo provider, it definitely assists with decreasing the number of calls I have to return. My account manager has been extremely helpful and prompt with answering any and all of the questions over the past two years. I recommend it for clinicians who see patients in office or online/phone."
Alisha M, Life Clarity Group
picture of Tammy W. MS, LMFT, CFLE, PLLC
"After years of being in private practice, I could tell that I was getting close to burn out. Like most of us, I am the therapist, the janitor, the office manager, the marketing team, and everything in between. It was just too much on me. At the suggestion of a friend, I started looking at scheduling software. I searched online and ran across several different options, and even tried them out. I found one that I liked, but it was designed for hair salons and similar business. I made notes of my favorite features and then started another search once I realized that electronic records and scheduling systems were actually within my cost point. I had no idea what was possible before. I still have the piece of paper somewhere in my stack where I sat down with all of the various software programs I found that were designed with therapists in mind. I wrote down all of the features and then bubbled in which programs had which features. Counsol was the only one that had all of the features that I needed. Client scheduling, reminders, records, and a way to complete all paperwork online before the session, check. A way to integrate credit card/online payments and to work seamlessly with my website, check. A way to conduct sessions via secure electronic means inside the system (so no one has to download special programs), check. A place for me to store common worksheets that I share with clients, and even to set it up so clients only get access to those things that pertain to their treatment, check. A way for clients to download Superbills to share with their insurance companies, check. A way to share notes with clients on what to do between sessions, check. A place for me to privately share my reflections to help keep me on track, check. A journal option for clients that allows them to record their thoughts between sessions and to decide whether or not to share it with me, check (no one else has this to my knowledge and my clients absolutely adore it). A way to block clients from being able to schedule at certain times, or to only allow certain session lengths or types (phone, video, etc.), check. Everything with Counsol has been perfect. I can't say enough good things. They have made my life much easier for the past few years. I can't imagine functioning without them. I now have peace of mind!"
picture of Lori C, LSCSW
"Best Investment for your Practice! Counsol.com has been able to make starting my own practice seamless. I have been a user for three years and it is a great investment. The features that I needed they added for me with amazing personal service! It allows clients to complete all their paperwork before our first session so it is more productive and not just forms. It keeps me organized and allows me to offer communication to clients between sessions through HIPPA secure journaling and email. User friendly with computer, phone and tablet! Very Visual and easy to navigate. You can choose what features to use and not use through your settings- very personalized."
picture of Beth F. Psychotherapist
"I've been using Counsol for about 3 years now and it has streamlined my practice and saves me so much time. My clients frequently tell me how much they love the appointment reminders. Most of my clients keep a credit card on file and with a simple click the credit card is charged and invoice paid. I can now bill my weekly clients in about 5 minutes. My practice is now paperless and all my notes are kept online. It is a very easy program to use and the customer service is prompt and very helpful! I always recommend Counsol to my colleagues looking to use an online program."
Beth F. Psychotherapist
picture of Pat, Office Administrator
"We have been using CounSol for almost two years. Compared to the old scheduling program we were using, CounSol is SUCH a BREEZE!!!!! It's very user-friendly, easy to maneuver around for setting up new accounts, billing, scheduling, all of it!!! Their customer service is GREAT! They always return my calls promptly and most times when I call in, they actually answer the call. I have never had to wait long to get answers to my questions. Our Account Rep is wonderful to work with. He is always very friendly, courteous and willing to help and listen to new ideas I suggest for the program. Several I suggested have now been implemented. It's nice to know they listen to their customers and their needs. My employer and I both love CounSol. I am so glad we made the switch. Since we joined CounSol in 2012, the other 4 Therapists and 1 Psychiatrist in our practice have all switched to CounSol. Since I am Admin to all of them, I can have each of the practices open at the same time but in different windows. It's so much easier for multiple practitioners using the same program."
Pat, Office Administrator
picture of Victoria M, MC, LPC
"My clients love how easy it is for them to book their appointments. I appreciate the ease in which my clients can move appointments around. It has reduced my no shows due to sending out reminders. This service acts as my receptionist."
Victoria M, MC, LPC
picture of Kathleen B, LCPC
"Counsol.com has helped me stay organized as my practice has expanded. I am able to keep all information (intake forms, progress notes, client information, messages, billing info) in one secure place. I no longer have to scan in paper forms and can find everything thru the software. For each appointment I enter, an invoice is created and I can easily apply payment and copays to the invoice (as I receive payment). I can easily track my billing and accounting. I also like that my clients receive email and/or text reminders. I highly recommend Counsol and recommend it to other colleagues."
Kathleen B, LCPC
picture of Latrina G<br />
Source of Strength Professional Counseling
"CounSol has helped a great deal with building my counseling business. I have been using them for 6 years and the service has been most amazing in reducing no shows and managing billing. My clients are also happy with the ease of reviewing and signing forms online and receiving appointment reminders. Perfect for counselors!"
Latrina G
Source of Strength Professional Counseling
picture of Dr. Javier S, LMHC, LMFT
"I have been very impressed and satisfied with the integration of Counsol to my practice. I knew there were several software options out there that are capable of managing many components of running a practice, but I also knew that most of them were very complicated and expensive. What I have found in Counsol is a very affordable, well developed system. It has allowed me to spend more time in client care while the system runs the various parts of a sound practice. More than just an assistant, Counsol has become a partner, facilitating us to dedicate most of the time to what we love and have been trained to do, helping clients do better"
Dr. Javier S, LMHC, LMFT
picture of Fran P. PhD
"I started using CounSol after transitioning from a large community mental health agency to my own solo practice. As I did not have the resources to hire someone to manage my scheduling etc, I needed a HIPAA compliant practice management program that would really manage my practice. CounSol has been extremely valuable. I have used it since I started my practice and still see no need to hire office management staff. I often receive positive feedback from clients about it.

Here is an example of how efficiently CounSol has worked for me (all taking place without me having any contact with the client during the process): a prospective client sees my profile on Psychology Today and is routed to my CounSol site; they register as a new client; they make an appointment to see me using the online calendar; they receive a text message and email to confirm the appointment; they complete the paperwork for the first appointment online; they arrive at my office and I have already reviewed their paperwork.

Additional features I find very beneficial include online billing; sending and receiving secure email; the option for me to upload documents for clients to read; an online journal clients can share with me; treatment plans; progress notes; etc. I also appreciate the frequent updates / improvements made to the program and its cost-effectiveness. In a nutshell, CounSol is an excellent practice management program!"
Fran P. PhD
picture of Peter C.<br />
"I’ve been using Counsol.com for over 4 years and completely satisfied. The response time from technical support and my assigned representative has consistently been excellent! While the site is very robust, it is easy to use which does not require a lot of interaction, on any consistent basis, with their technical support team. The system is highly customizable when it comes to various practice requirements like HIPAA and HITECH. It also meets the needs for any clinical practices, large or small. One such feature is that you can create new forms which allows clients to utilize the most of their scheduled session. I have not used the merchant gateway function but looking to get that started so I can charge clients’ credit cards if they no-show or have a balance due. Over the course of my 20+ years in the behavioral health field I’ve used a whole host of EMR systems that range from large hospital settings to private practice clinics and community based agencies and have consistently impressed with its intuitive and user friendly layout.

My clients have told me that they appreciate the appointment reminders and the method of payment as well.”"
Peter C.
picture of Laura V, Psy.D., NCSP
"Using CounSol.com has been one of the best practice management decisions I have made. CounSol.com is easy to use and makes my day-to-day business tasks so manageable. It helps me to keep documentation, scheduling, billing, and paperwork all in one place and allows me to communicate with clients via video and e-mail securely. The support provided to me has been outstanding-timely, professional, efficient, and helpful. I love using this program! I am always recommending CounSol.com to my colleagues."
Laura V, Psy.D., NCSP
picture of Stephanie W, LMFT
"Very user friendly and easily learned. Customer support is fast and friendly. Absolutely reliable and never experienced and downtime or outages. I tried several other programs in a trail period or through other practices and have always came back to Counsol. I'm always recommending it to other therapists."
Stephanie W, LMFT
picture of Sandra K<br />
"As a small business owner with limited time and a focus on client activity, I don't have the energy and skill set to tailor a counseling software package to my specific needs. Enter CounSol.com to the rescue. Why everyone isn't using this software is beyond me. Not only does CounSol.com provide the bells and whistles that are standard on most therapy software programs, they provide numerous options for customizing a package to your practice's specific needs. The program is so adaptable and user friendly. One of the highlights of CounSol.com is the fact you are assigned your own "case manager", how cool is that from a counseling perspective! I have had the pleasure of learning from and working with Matt at CounSol.com for several years now. Matt and the CounSol.com team provide incredibly quick and responsive solutions to my "asks". Not only are my requests addressed, Matt often comes up with even better ideas to streamline my processes and increase functionality. As my counseling business has developed, CounSol.com has adapted the software program to meet my needs. I can't recommend this company and the team high enough. Thank you!"
Sandra K
picture of Elizabeth A. LCSW, PLLC
"Wish I'd gotten Counsol sooner! Ease of scheduling, keeping track of payments, ease of keeping notes, virtually eliminated no-shows. Amazingly responsive customer service, helps me run my practice smoothly every day."
Elizabeth A. LCSW, PLLC
picture of Kristi B, LCSW
"Counsol is truly one stop shopping and integrates everything you need to run a therapy practice. Click Click and it's done! Setting it up was slightly challenging because I was learning it and insurance at the same time. But customer support was invaluable and very responsive. I love having my own dedicated support person who knows me! A great asset for running my business!"
Kristi B, LCSW
picture of Jennifer L<br />
Anesis Counseling
"Couldn't do private practice without it! This has been my number one tool in being able to set up a private practice. My account manager has been consistently helpful and available each time I have needed help. My clients often comment on how much they appreciate the features available to them, especially the scheduling features."
Jennifer L
Anesis Counseling
picture of Rick M, MSW, LCSW, BCD<br />
Positive Progress Counseling
"I have been using Counsol for three years. For the price, this EMR software is great. Very easy to use. I love the secured video option. My clients also love the journaling section. Overall very satisfied!"
Positive Progress Counseling
picture of Linda C, M.Ed., L.M.H.C.<br />
Close Counseling, LLC
"I have been using counsel for 2 years and love it! It is easy to use, HIPAA compliant, clients are able to email me through this system as well as use the journaling option for their own privacy and can share what journals they choose to with me, their Therapist. They are also able to go in and download their invoices for tax purposes at their convenience. I am able to upload forms specific to my practice as well as keep professional records. The customer service is fast, efficient, and professional. I highly recommend CounSol.com"
Linda C, M.Ed., L.M.H.C.
Close Counseling, LLC
picture of Mark M. LMFT, CSAT
"I have used a practice management software for the past twelve years that was so complicated that you dare not do anything new on it for fear of falling in a black hole! The technical support service was rude and downright mean. They were expensive and had me trapped in their cycle of dependence on that same rude service.

I have searched over the past few years for something that I didn't feel "held hostage", and wasn't gouged with the high cost of maintenance fees. By accident I came upon COUNSOL by a fellow therapist. My life has changed! The simplicity and functional features of COUNSOL are amazing. They have thought of just about everything! AND their technical support and service are incredible. They have lots of patience with you on the learning curve, willing to think about changes and functionality, and immediately responsive with a friendly solution. The stress that I once had doing my own booking, billing, and notes has reduced dramatically! Plus, I can do everything while sitting with my client on my iPad or iPhone. I can be on vacation, at a workshop, at home on my back porch, and still be fully in charge of my schedule. I use the free app called GOOGLE VOICE for messaging and "hide my number" feature when returning calls to clients. The combo is flawless!!!

Plus, COUNSOL will allow my client to privately and safely log in to their own account and see their schedule, print their bill, journal, get notes and messages from me, and be notified by email and/or text as soon as they make an appointment AND then a 24 hour reminder before their next appointment. Again, flawless!

I tell my wife everyday how much COUNSOL has made my counseling life easier!

I have learned over the past twenty years that my clients like me personally to schedule appointments. To be honest, I like it too and let me tell you why....When I make the appointments they are more compliant in showing up because they have already made an emotional bond with me in talking about why they are coming. They also pay at the time of session every time because of that connection. THAT connection is priceless! Do yo think I like COUNSOL? I love it!"
picture of Meladie G<br />
Meladie Burke Therapy
"Counsol gives me everything I need. I've been using Counsol for three years now. The features offered are sufficient for everything I need as a solo practitioner in private practice. The price is great and the customer support has been outstanding. I've been very happy with the product."
Meladie G
Meladie Burke Therapy
picture of Dr. Ghazi K<br />
Director, Clinical Psychologist
"CounSol is a Great Software for Psychologists! I tried another well-known and regarded software for over a year. But no software can beat CounSol for psychologists and therapists. It's easy to use, intuitive and has many features and built in categories that makes writing a note very easy. I love all its features from the ease of attaching a document, whether it's a self-rating measure, a consent for release of information to ease of scheduling and many other things. My clients love their portal and many feel safe and secure using the portal for messaging."
Dr. Ghazi K
Director, Clinical Psychologist
picture of Jacqueline W, MA, NCC, LCPC
"This is the easiest platform I have used for client interaction. Not only is it easy to set up for clinicians, I constantly get compliments on how easy it was for a client to register, journal and schedule their next session."
Jacqueline W, MA, NCC, LCPC
picture of Jena P.<br />
"I really can't say enough good things about Counsol. I've been in private practice for about 1.5 years and was so uncertain about so many things around documentation and business management. The team at CounSol was so helpful in getting my account set up and going smoothly. Also, the customer support is truly impeccable and the responsiveness is 5-Star. And I continue to have the same experience with their services since day 1! To say I'm satisfied is an understatement!!!"
Jena P.
picture of Gemma S<br />
Registered Clinical Psychologist<br />
Calgary, Canada
"I am absolutely delighted with CounSol.com. I have used other online software and business management tools and they always fell short. In fact, before I found CounSol.com I was using two different systems in order to make sure my practice was well managed. Counsol.com offers a comprehensive set of features that has dramatically improved my bottom line and has improved my practice management. As an added bonus, the customer service Counsol.com offers is remarkable."
Gemma S
Registered Clinical Psychologist
Calgary, Canada
picture of Heather M. LPC
"I have been using Counsol for a little over a year. The transition was tough at first but has been worth all the time I put into it on the front end. I feel way more secure having all my notes, billing and calendar in one place instead of papers and locked file cabinets all over the place. Counsol does a great job monitoring HIPPA things I did not even think about. My clients have had very little complaints and most of them LOVE the ease of accessing their accounts online when they want to. I struggle a bit with how to fully use the calendar feature but the customer support has been very prompt to answer my many questions. My taxes were SO MUCH easier this year because Counsol kept track of every penny I earned."
Heather M. LPC
picture of Donna C.<br />
CCS Training Services
"Having made my practice fully paperless, I love working with this site -- and so do my clients. They are very happy with the available options, especially the option to reschedule appointments at their convenience, no matter the hour, and without contacting me."
Donna C.
CCS Training Services
picture of Kurt L MSW LCSW
"I investigated and compared the service to about 6 or 7 other "practice management" platforms for months. My objective in deciding on what service to use was simple: to reduce all management and admin time while increasing client contact and treatment time. Everybody’s service was person dependent (and that was person was me - and a secretary that I prefer NOT to hire) - except this product - this one FACILITATES the client to take an ACTIVE role in scheduling, bill paying, and completing all paperwork without handholding; I’m an outpatient mental health professional - not inpatient. This service accomplished my goal very quickly... within one week I was able to measure a reduction in admin time 30 fewer minutes per day! I’m only in my fourth week and up to nearly 50 cases registered; this week I will see more clients than ever (34) AND my admin time is even less than it was at week #2. More clients and LESS admin time? It’s almost counter intuitive - but NOT with Counsol.com’s approach. This outfit has it right! Today I am leaving my office within 30 minutes of the last session (all forms completed, all notes done, all billing and payments posted and processed, insurance records updated for my billing agent, new treatment plans for 2 cases finished and after seeing 6 people --- and I’m heading home 30 minutes early! In my first couple days of use 18 clients were registered (2 of them were new cases). I see this time management issue getting better and better as I get more skilled in the platform; the adjustment has been just that - but in less than 4 days my savings in time was measurable. My records are secure (probably better than a filing cabinet); the flexibility of the company to make adjustments that are intuitive to a sole proprietor has been simply awesome; I can either keep the files electronic or print and have an impressive record for legal reasons, other providers, etc. etc. etc. Absolutely impressed!"
picture of Pamela R<br />
Chrysalis Coaching and Counseling Services LLC
"Affordable and Excellent Customer Service! I have been using CounSol.com for over a year now after trying out 2 other EHRs. The features of emailing or texting my clients of their appointments and the insurance billing functions are helpful for running my practice more efficiently. The customer service is top notched and they are quick to respond to any questions that I have. They seem to be also upgrading the software to add or modify features. My clients have told me how much they appreciate completing the paperwork before hand also."
Pamela R
Chrysalis Coaching and Counseling Services LLC
picture of Amy A<br />
Ammerman Counseling, PLLC
"I shopped around...a lot. Counsol was what I needed. This was my first practice management software purchase. I looked at many different products, and I chose Counsol for the functions and price. I'm a solo practitioner in a self-pay practice model. This does everything I need for a reasonable price. I like the scheduling/calendar, treatment plan, session notes, client portal for communicating with me, client journaling options and ability to scan and upload documents easily. It helps me keep track of payments, too, and keeps all records electronically. Customer service/Technical assistance has been responsive. I'm glad I chose this one."
Amy A
Ammerman Counseling, PLLC
picture of Dana A.<br />
Fulfillment Counseling & Life Coaching LLC
"Making my job easy! CounSol came recommended when I completed my distance learning credential (DCC), so I immediately looked into it and haven't questioned my choice since. Getting started I received ample support, and continuing onward, I have had access to support whenever I've needed it. CounSol is ethically sound - offering a business associate agreement and HIPAA compliant security. I love getting email notifications that alert me to interactions from clients, as this enables me to respond as quickly as I prefer. The vast majority of my clients have indicated really enjoying the ease and comfort provided, as they are able to schedule themselves, pay for sessions, exchange messages with me, view attachments I upload for their homework between sessions, have secure video sessions, etc. CounSol made venturing into private practice far easier than I ever imagined! I always recommend CounSol to colleagues making the private practice leap."
Dana A.
Fulfillment Counseling & Life Coaching LLC
picture of Jean A, MSW, LCSW
"My passion is working with people, not paperwork! I started with CounSol.com several months ago and have been increasingly utilizing its many helpful features since then. I am actually becoming organized, which really helps me have peace of mind to focus on what I love to do. My clients enjoy being able to check their outstanding balance, schedule their own appointments, keep a private journal, use the secure email site, or easily access a video session. Forms are much more effectively managed now. The portal integrates very well with my website. Perhaps the very best feature of the site is how quickly and respectfully CounSol.com staff respond to my questions or suggestions. I am very pleased with this practice management program."
picture of Stephanie A, MA, LPC
"Since I began using CounSol.com,my business has been running more smoothly, I have retained more clients, and have enjoyed increased peace of mind. I did my research before choosing this service, and there is simply nothing else out there that comes close to CounSol.com in terms of ease of use, customer service, and cost. The support team actually listens to you and is there on the spot literally the second you have a problem. They actively work to make using CounSol.com a good experience for both you and your clients. You have to try it - you won't regret it."
Stephanie A, MA, LPC
picture of Mika G, MFT<br />
Director Gifted Matters
"As a solo practitioner, I've used several different online services for managing my practice. CounSol is definitely head and shoulders above the rest. Some of the things that set them apart are: seamless integration with my exisiting website; ease of use and access for clients; integration with paper-free office practices; reasonable pricing. And my favorite is the highly-responsive customer service, and their openness to suggestions for new features. CounSol is the perfect compromise for a medium-sized solo private practice.

I love how the treatment, billing and scheduling all are seamlessly integrated. I feel confident that any information I need I can easily access at any time, anywhere. I am also very impressed with the responsiveness of the customer service team."
Mika G, MFT
Director Gifted Matters
picture of Rosalie B, LMFT
"After trying out several practice management softwares, I decided on Counsol. I have been using Counsol for over 2 years. The main reasons I chose Counsol were the professional-looking interface, the ease of use, and the flexibility to customize forms. I especially like the ability to have clients read, fill out, and sign forms online. When they come in for their first session I don't have to take up most of the session with paperwork. I like that I'm not tied to pre-existing forms, and I have created many of my own forms for the purpose. Clients also appreciate getting email reminders the day before their session. Having a place to exchange secure messages and upload documents is great. The insurance billing feature allows me to do all my billing with a few clicks. This saves a lot of time and frustration. The information auto-populates from the invoice, which is produced automatically from the calendar. I would prefer to skip the invoice and have information auto-populate from a treatment plan, but that's not a major issue. My account manager has been very responsive whenever I have a problem or suggestion, and a couple of my suggestions were quickly incorporated into the software. The only feature that leaves room for improvement is reports. It would be great to have a lot more reports, either pre-formatted or customizable, about the practice. Counsol regularly adds features, so I wouldn't be surprised if they also improve this area. Every once in a while I give another look at other software, but I always come back to Counsol. It offers a combination of features, ease of use and customer service not available in other companies, even more expensive ones. Overall a great value."
Rosalie B, LMFT
picture of Marsha D, M.Ed. LPC<br />
Avalon Counseling
"I love CounSol.com. It is a very reasonable rate for what you get. I decided on it after seeing good reviews on a blog. I do not have the feature for online sessions set up, but wanted that available to me in case I decided to do this in the future. It pays for itself by presenting no-shows. My clients love the texts/emails they receive regarding their appointments. I have had so many people tell me that without it, they would have missed the appointment. I have also saved time and money on sending out packets prior to sessions, as I usually did, so that clients had a lot of time to spend on their pre- session BIO form for example. Now they can just do them on CounSol.com.

My personal assistant - Yes you have your own!!- is so helpful if I have questions or concerns about anything to do with CounSol. This is an awesome customer service feature. Someone actually answers the phone or emails you in a timely manner regarding your concerns!!! It is also very helpful with keeping track of data- sessions, dates, all of that- in one place. Also, they keep adding great new items."
Marsha D, M.Ed. LPC
Avalon Counseling
picture of David L, LMHC, CSAT<br />
Spectrum Recovery Solutions, LLC<br />
Estero and Naples FL
"Since I began using Counsol.com for my counseling practice management a little over a year ago, my practice has doubled in volume of clients and I am more and better organized than ever. My clients find the portal easy to navigate and I also get positive feedback about the scheduling, notes, and journal features. My clients appreciate the session reminders, and I rarely have missed sessions anymore. I find the feature-rich service to meet all of my needs, and the developers continually improve upon them while also adding more functionality and features. Most importantly the customer service is simply outstanding! Using Counsol has been the best decision I have made for my private counseling practice, and I recommend it to all of my colleagues."
Spectrum Recovery Solutions, LLC
Estero and Naples FL
picture of Stacey S.<br />
Authentic Self Counseling
"I have been using CounSol for almost two years now. I'm not sure why it isn't more popular that it is because it seems to have all the things I need. Because I currently work two jobs I haven't really sat down to keep learning about the software but honestly the more I learn the more I like the program. I plan to sit down with it and use it to it's full advantage soon and I am quite excited and know that it has the features I want. I can upgrade and downgrade the video capability as needed if I have a client in need of video. I also really love the shared journal aspect that I don't think other practice management systems have! Especially because I work with complex trauma, sometimes my clients want to tell me things but it feels safer to write. Therefore they can inform me things early on in treatment so I am aware, but they don't have to tell their story until they are ready. I think my clients who use it feel more attended to and engaged which is important as I am a solo, private pay practitioner. Also, my support person always responds timely to my requests and questions and I have never had an issue or concern."
Stacey S.
Authentic Self Counseling
picture of Jennifer C<br />
Licensed Professional Counselor
"I have found Counsol to be extremely helpful in starting my business! What I love most about this software is how easy it makes billing, taking and keeping notes, and sending insurance claims. Counsol is like having an office assistant but for much less. Thank you Counsol!"
Jennifer C
Licensed Professional Counselor
picture of Michelle G<br />
"CounSol Makes Private Practice a Breeze! Once you set everything up, it is easy to schedule, cancel, document and bill for appointments. At the end of the day, it takes me five minutes to bill. I love that there is a seamless connection to my clearinghouse to receive my payment advice. I also really appreciate being able to click a button and view my clients faces when they or I am out of town. Our customer service rep is my coach and friend there, and always answers my questions immediately. This service has ben wonderful!"
Michelle G
picture of Mary R LLC
"The scheduling software and service is the most efficient way to decrease No Shows. My clients often tell me they are pleased with that part and the ease of Intake Paperwork. I struggle frequently with the billing part, but my service rep responds in a timely manner and is always patient with me. My overall experience has been positive. The ease of setting up customized forms increased my productivity. Always Referring Colleagues!"
Mary R LLC
picture of Mark B, LPC, LMHC
"The software is user friendly and intuitive. It's easy to set up and certainly streamlines the documenting process for psychotherapists. The best part of this company by far is the customer service. There is a little bit of a learning curve for any new program, but CounSol has individual, dedicated customer service experts (in the US), who know the software inside out. I've used this software for two years and I have had the same customer service answer man the whole time. He answers promptly and I've yet to stump him. That's made all the difference for me."
picture of Joelle D. MD, MA, LPC<br />
Little Traverse Family Counseling
"I have been using Counsol since the beginning of my private practice 4 yrs. ago. I get great feedback from my clients on ease of use for them to register online. I have found the customer service to be very responsive to suggestions and my questions have always been answered the same day. The user interface is clean and simple. I have looked around at other services but I have not found others that offer the same service for a better price."
Joelle D. MD, MA, LPC
Little Traverse Family Counseling
picture of Tami B<br />
Guardian Counseling
"I incorporated Counsol.com into my private practice from day 1. It is a decision I have not regretted. Counsol.com has allowed me to keep a streamlined practice free of paper documents. My client's information is safe and secure while I am able to easily access information, notes, documents, etc. I am not "tech savvy" so have appreciated the great support! Best thing I've done for my private practice!"
Tami B
Guardian Counseling
picture of Jeff D.<br />
DePaul Counseling
"The counsol.com system has improved my efficiency and increased revenue for my practice. It saves me time and the clients enjoy using the portal. It saves time in appointment scheduling and it's great to know that my practice is meeting the privacy standards."
Jeff D.
DePaul Counseling
picture of Alyson G, LMFT<br />
Marriage and Family Therapist
"No Regrets! Fabulous Service. It took me quite a while to choose a practice management software when I took my practice online and I have never looked back. Not only was CounSol.com affordable, easy to use and versatile for a number of differing client needs and types of office situations (telemental health, client journaling feature, credit card payments, automatic session reminders, online billing) but the customer service and responsiveness is unsurpassed. If I couldn't do something with the system they got back to me right away and showed me how. If the system couldn't do it, they often put the programmers on it right away and improved the functionality. I have had not one problem. Highly recommend and my clients love it too."
Alyson G, LMFT
Marriage and Family Therapist
picture of Donna M<br />
Perspectives LLC
"Great Practice Management Software! Counsol.com keeps my practice completely organized. Progress notes, billing, insurance claims submission and paperwork are all in one place and easily manageable. Customer support, is always accessible and thoroughly answers my questions. Very pleased with Counsol.com."
Donna M
Perspectives LLC
picture of Vena D<br />
Owner/Operator (THERAPIST)
"Exceptional. Excellent. Great customer service when needed and the system is easy to maneuver. I like the reminders/prompts that my clients received for their appointments. I like that the site easily converts to mobile when I access it by phone. I also like the ease in which I can modify parts of my office procedures/policies, etc. Sometimes it is difficulty for me to find certain parts of the system (e.g., where to change my rates in the system, etc.). However, I attribute this to the infrequency in which I need to go to that area."
Vena D
Owner/Operator (THERAPIST)
picture of Diana Z, LCPC
"The software has made it tons easier for me to run my therapy practice. Life changing, really. I really like that there is a video feature built into the software and my clients and I don't have to download anything. The messaging works well and gives my clients confidence about their confidentiality. The scheduling and appointment reminders are a life saver. Also, my clients like when their appointment pops into their texts and they instantly add it to their calendars as they are standing in my office. I haven't use the insurance billing through the site, and I haven't used it to collect payment simply because I was already using QuickBooks. However, I think it's great that those features are included in the software."
Diana Z, LCPC
picture of Lesli M, LCSW, CEDS-S, CDWF
"I have been with CounSol for over a year now and absolutely love using it! It keeps my records so organized, everything is in one place and so easy to access. I love that it interfaces with Office Ally for insurance submissions and that clients can pay online prior to their appointment. What a time saver. Also, the HIIPA compliant online format is the best. It is so nice to be able to offer that as an option to clients."
picture of Marta K. LMFT
"I really enjoy working with CounSol. It has almost everything I need to run my counseling practice. I love being able to create my own online forms and have clients fill them out online. I also love their customer support! My account manager is very responsive and helpful."
Marta K. LMFT
picture of John S, LMFT<br />
Kansas City Family Therapy
"Best overall EMR on the market. I've tried at least three other EMR software programs before using CounSol. Each one lacked in one or more areas but CounSol brings all of the features I need to my office. From online calendar and scheduling to secure conferencing and billing, I'm more than satisfied with this program. If I have questions or during the many times I needed assistance with set-up I called my account manager and they were eager to assist. I can't see myself using another EMR now that I have CounSol."
John S, LMFT
Kansas City Family Therapy
picture of Sandra P, Ph.D.
"I love my HIPAA compliant Counsol.com scheduling software! I can communicate with confidentiality with my patients with the confidence that the email is encrypted and secure. I can access my online schedule from anywhere and ensure that clients have completed registration paperwork. There are so many features that there is a learning curve involved, but customer rep is so attentive with customer support and explaining functions as I need it, and so prompt in his responses, that the learning curve isn't an issue. I love counsol.com."
Sandra P, Ph.D.
picture of Diana C, LMHC
"I love the easiness and effectiveness of their customer service and the fact that you have a personal assigned to your account. They have been great! They respond and gives solutions to my requests very quickly. I love that I can communicate with the clients securely and that my forms were uploaded and the patient just fill them out there before coming to the first session. The reminders for the appointments via text have been very effective too."
Diana C, LMHC
picture of Diane H. LCSW, CEDS-S<br />
Atlanta Center for Self-Compassion
"CounSol keeps me organized! Before I integrated this software into my therapy practice, I was very disorganized. Turns out, I still am but CounSol is in the background making sure I don't drop the most important balls. I keep track of client paperwork, scheduling, notes, insurance and billing all in one streamlined place! I have also found that they are constantly updating with new functionality I didn't even know I wanted."
Atlanta Center for Self-Compassion
picture of Christina P, MHC, LPC
"Everything I need is all in one place. Tracks appointments, secure electronic records system, create forms, text reminders of appointments to clients, videoconferencing capability... For my clients, the client portal allows them to make or cancel their own appointments, journal, complete forms, correspond securely. Everything is here. The best part of CounSol is the customer service and tech support. They will and do follow up, and the team members can be very patient in explaining and helping customers through learning how to work the system."
Christina P, MHC, LPC
picture of Jennifer H. LMHC
"I love that I have an account manager and the customer representative is great. He gets back to you in a timely manner and is able to answer all of my questions. If he's unsure, the team gets together and they help problem solve. If the customer representative not available, there is always someone there to take over and answer your questions. It makes your experience more personable as opposed to a lot of places that you have to call and push several prompts until you FINALLY reach some one who doesn't know what you've been working on. I love that I can add my own forms. The pre-made forms are compliant with insurance company standards. Making and receiving payments is easy and everything is user-friendly. Overall, I have had a great experience with CounSol.com. It's affordable and easy to use."
Jennifer H. LMHC
picture of April J<br />
Marriage and Family Therapist
"I love all of the features that Counsol offers! I am able to run my entire business just from this software. I generate all of my treatment plans and notes using Counsol. I am able to have my clients complete all of their intake paperwork prior to the appointment and I am able to view it. I love that I can keep up with all my billing with such ease and if I make a mistake it is all fixable. Counsol is very beneficial to my business, and saves so much time."
April J
Marriage and Family Therapist
picture of Hollie H, CMHC
"I am a single-shingle practitioner. I have a lot on my plate in terms of scheduling, returning phone calls and email, and don't have an office assistant. Counsol allows me the ability to keep track of my "to-dos", easily schedule patient sessions, WITH reminders in a matter of just a few minutes. I would be going bonkers trying to do everything that Counsol does on my own. Counsol is my Personal Assistant!"
Hollie H, CMHC
picture of AnnMarie B, MSW, LCSW
"All the features are integrated in one location--this program literally does every single thing that I listed as "needed" and "wanted" (including reminder calls, texts and emails!) when I was looking for an EHR. Best yet, it's all covered in one price. Counsol.com has relieved me of so much stress and worry about scheduling, reminders calls, and making sure I submitted to insurance then posted payment. The hardest part of my counseling agency is the book work and counsol.com has addressed so many of those challenges and lets me do my actual job!"
AnnMarie B, MSW, LCSW
picture of Ryan G, LMFT
"The best practice management for the money! Counsol grows with me. Every time I've thought of a way to change my business, it's been easy to add more functions to my system. Counsol's customer service is excellent! I never have a problem getting the help that I need. They really go out of their way to take care of my needs and concerns."
Ryan G, LMFT
picture of Dawn L, LCSW-R
"Best EMR! My clients love having the flexibility of being able to schedule their own appointments, change appointments and print receipts as necessary. I love these features as well as the availability of electronic forms and encrypted email. Everything is intuitive and easy to use. Customer service is phenomenal."
Dawn L, LCSW-R
picture of Marinna M, LPC, CSAC, NCC
"I LOVE this platform! I did a lot of research before deciding on an EHR platform. What stands out the most about CounSol is its ease of use for both myself and clients. Whenever I get a new client I direct them right to my special client portal link and we're instantly connected. Right on the main page are all of my appointments and earning for the month - it's a perfect visual to ensure that I don't forget anything. Scheduling is easy, I can share messages with my clients that are more secure than an email, and I have all of my forms easily accessible - making my entire practice paperless! I would highly recommend CounSol to any practitioner due to its ease of use, quality, and affordability."
Marinna M, LPC, CSAC, NCC
picture of Annie S. LCSW, PLLC
"From the moment I joined the site, the customer service has been spot on. Within minutes of asking a question, I get a reply from the same person who is there to help with anything. He even took my forms I have always used and transferred them into the online format for me. I find the flow of the site easy to understand, and has completely streamlined my operations. I'm happy with my experience with Counsol. I would recommend to any small business therapist, like myself, if you are looking for an easy to use, easy to learn site to streamline your paperwork."
picture of Kristina R, LCSW-R
"I am a therapist that has been in private practice for over 25 years. I have used multiple different software programs during this time and Counsol is far and away the best one. It combines client information forms, record keeping, insurance processing, credit card payments, etc. all from one site in an easy to use format. Like any new program, there is a learning curve. Much of the program is intuitive however, and I was able to master it pretty quickly. When I did have questions, customer service was exceptionally responsive in a very timely manner and always resolved my issues. I have already referred 3 colleagues that have signed up and are using Counsol. Excellent Software Program!"
Kristina R, LCSW-R
picture of Rivka S, LCSW-C
"Highly recommend for group or solo practice. I love how it's so user friendly, my patients love the portal and online scheduling, and I also think the customer service is unbeatable!"
Rivka S, LCSW-C
picture of Norma S<br />
Clinical Professional Counselor
"The combination of many services in one such as online scheduling, appointment reminders, secure record management, templates as well as the ability to upload custom forms, billing including invoices and credit cards and even submitting to insurance -- all in one place helps me manage my private practice well and efficiently. With appointment reminders, my no shows were drastically reduced. Most clients really appreciate them. Customer support is excellent and very responsive by telephone and email. The software is often updated and new features added. It is very easy to learn and use. I have been an extremely satisfied user since 2013."
Norma S
Clinical Professional Counselor
picture of Amber M, LPC, LLC
"I am a big fan of CounSol. It makes managing my practice a breeze with their automated session reminders, billing and invoicing, and communication with clients. I like how everything is in one place and very easy for both myself and my clients to use. In addition, my customer service rep is always quick to respond and very helpful. Excellent Experience!"
Amber M, LPC, LLC
picture of Jodi U, MEd. LMHC
"Incredibly Useful for Counselors and Clients. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida. I have been working with CounSol.com since very early in it's inception in 2011. I have been incredibly pleased with the customer service and the software as it continues to grow to address the needs of those of use who use it!"
Jodi U, MEd. LMHC
picture of Ken N<br />
"This software covers all the bases for a smallish private practice. Scheduling, billing, reminders and session notes. It offers much more than that but I don't use all the tools it offers because I am a small agency. But, should I grow and add staff and other items, I am confident that Counsol.com would take care of all my concerns. It comes up quickly on my computer and goes quickly to all the links. No time is wasted waiting for this software to be used. This software helps me sleep better at night because I have my practice protected and thoroughly organized and documented."
Ken N
picture of Dr. Kim P, Ph.D., PLLC
"I work primarily with kids and many of the EHRs for psychologists are geared for adult clients. I love that CounSol allows you to create personalized forms, note templates, etc. I also really like the client portal feature so that I can be completely paperless and clients can access what they need 24/7 without having to contact me. I also really appreciated that it was very little work for me to set things up in the portal--I have direct access to a person who I sent my existing forms to and he magically made them show up in the portal. The customer service is outstanding! I have one person assigned to me and I can directly call him and ask questions, troubleshoot, etc. easily."
Dr. Kim P, Ph.D., PLLC
picture of Beth R<br />
Licensed Professional Counselor
"Counsol Rocks! This software does everything I hoped for and some things of which I never dreamed! Appointment reminders! Easy note dictation! Invoices! But best of all, it includes the always patient and helpful rep. Learning new software isn't fun but our rep made this easy. In a world where so many only do the bare minimum, he went beyond my expectations by not only making suggestions and answering my questions, but also explaining the many useful functions of Counsol so my time is used efficiently. I am the only counselor at my practice, so I wear all the hats. I needed to streamline recordkeeping and billing so I have more time for seeing clients AND living. I came from a job where I was on call 24/7. Counsol gave me the gift of time. Time for long walks, gardening, kayaking, and lying on the couch with my dogs."
Beth R
Licensed Professional Counselor
picture of Nelson T, Chief Operating Officer<br />
Free Indeed Therapy
"Best Therapy Software! Customer service is top-of-the-line! CounSol is the most user friendly and intuitive software for tracking clients, scheduling and payments that we have EVER used. There is NO other software to use in our practice except CounSol.com. This service makes my job so easy. I assist all six therapists in scheduling. I do the billing and tracking of sessions for all of the therapist and CounSol is so user friendly that it takes a huge burden off of back office routines."
Nelson T, Chief Operating Officer
Free Indeed Therapy
picture of Rita W.<br />
"NOTHNG can compare to COUNSOL! What can I say? I am obsessed with this program! SO easy to use! It is very detail oriented in terms of modifying it for my private practice use. Doing notes, treatment plans and billing are a BREEZE!! I tell all of my colleagues that they cannot go wrong. The BEST part of using this is customer service! They are prompt, courteous, and SO knowledgeable when you have questions! YOU cannot go wrong! UHMAZING!"
Rita W.
picture of Jennifer S<br />
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
"Counsol.com is amazing!! This software is extremely easy to use and user friendly, especially for someone who is not very tech-savvy. I appreciate that the software is tailored specifically for mental health professionals and has all the resources that I need. I really like the reminder texts for my clients regarding upcoming appointments. I also like that I can conduct all of my business through this software (i.e. documentation, billing, scheduling, etc.). It really is a one-stop shop! Customer service has always been super prompt and helpful!"
Jennifer S
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
picture of Shea K<br />
"Private Practice Genie! With my growing private practice, Counsol has helped me to keep organized, get my notes and treatment done efficiently, send appt reminders, track my invoicing, provide secure emailing and lots more. My clients especially like the ability to journal between sessions. The tech support is very helpful. Overall, I am very satisfied with Counsol."
Shea K
picture of Jabneel T. LMHC
"Highly recommend CounSol.com!! I have been using CounSol.com for over a year an have now, & I have to say that I highly recommend this platform to busy professionals. I find Counsol to be intuitive to use & so do my clients. Not only is CounSol.com a great value, I think that their customer service is second to none; my account manager is extremely knowledgeable & helpful."
Jabneel T. LMHC
picture of Amy B,<br />
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
"I love the appointment reminders for clients, which helps to improve appointment attendance. I also love that Counsol is always adding updates, like recently offering Wiley treatment plans for an additional fee. This makes my charting so much easier and more streamlined. The interface is user-friendly and fairly intuitive once you get set up. Moving to electronic health records through CounSol.com has allowed me to access clients' charts when it's urgent, whether to access their contact information if I need to cancel unexpectedly, or even to locate a client's address when I needed to send emergency services to a client's home. Paper charts would have meant driving to my office to find such information. Overall great experience with Counsol!"
Amy B,
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
picture of Meredith W <br />
"I have used CounSol for several years to manage all the functions of my private psychotherapy practice (scheduling, appointment reminders, notes, billing, claim filing). I recommend it to every single colleague that I encounter who is either looking for recommendations for practice management software or is unhappy with their current option. I find the interface intuitive, straight forward, and the technical support when I have a question is absolutely stellar. I have had the same direct contact at CounSol for 3 years and they respond FAST! It is also fully customizable and you can enable or disable all the different options depending on what works best for you at the time. My clients are also happy with it as they use it to complete consent forms, enter biopsychosocial history info, get appointment reminders, and for the past several months have been using it as platform for Telehealth with great results."
Meredith W
picture of Liz U<br />
Licensed Professional Counselor
"CounSol is a great asset to my practice! I began using CounSol 2+ years ago. This software enables me to provide secure, user-friendly telehealth services, billing and record keeping all in one location. The customer service has been prompt and helpful when I have a question: this was especially helpful as I transitioned my services to telehealth due to COVID 19. Clients can schedule sessions on their own and the system will send reminders to client which they have reported they appreciate and for me, this feature has greatly reduced no-shows. I highly recommended it!"
Liz U
Licensed Professional Counselor
picture of Ashley R<br />
"I love Counsol and have used it for years. Having a personal representative to contact with help regarding adding documents or troubleshooting is AMAZING. He is my guy and he makes the "hard things" for my brain so easy to navigate. I cannot brag on him and his responsiveness enough. I love Counsol and its user friendliness!"
Ashley R
picture of Jill N<br />
Licensed Professional Counselor
"I spent a lot of time researching various software programs to meet the needs of the new counseling center I was opening. I wanted an all-in-one system that would allow for customization with forms, EHR, online counseling, and billing. One of the features I like about this particular program is the client journal. I have several clients who really like that feature. I had set up a practice client and learned about the ins and outs of the program and decided it was the one for me even though it was a little more expensive than some of the others. I have not regretted this decision, as it has come through well for me. Overall, using CounSol.com has been a great benefit to my business. I cannot imagine not having the features that I mentioned above. Each feature has helped my business run more smoothly."
Jill N
Licensed Professional Counselor
picture of Brad M
"By far this is the most user friendly software. I have had hours of research and for the money, there is no other choice. I do not have to worry about extra fees or no customer service being there for me when I need them. This place even took my Word-formatted documents and created electronic forms! Customer service is superb!"
Brad M
picture of Nicole D. M.A, LPC
"Wonderfully Easy to Use!!! I absolutely LOVE how easy it is to file a claim and record a paid claim! Also, I love how easy it is to send out mass emails/announcements as secured messages. I use the video feature, as well, and find it incredibly easy to use. I really love my account manager ! He is ON IT! I can email him with a question and most of the time within minutes I have a reply. He deserves the big money!"
Nicole D. M.A, LPC
picture of Marquita J<br />
"Perfect for solo entrepreneurs! All of the integrative features makes it easy to navigate for entrepreneurs. I appreciate the ability for clients to complete paperwork and schedule appointments."
Marquita J
picture of Dr. Ina C<br />
Licensed Psychologist
"Best EHR Out There! Easy to use, customizable, excellent customer service. The customer service has never declined and my representative is amazing!! It would take quite a bit to pull me away which is not something I can see happening...ever."
Dr. Ina C
Licensed Psychologist
picture of Timothy T, Ph.D., P.A.
"I really love the layout of the software. The icons are attractive and the organization of the different functions are easily accessible. I absolutely love the Wiley treatment planners. Its a treasure trove of treatment templates with the psychotherapy features added. The individual attention from my assigned assistant has been great. My account manager uploaded my intake forms and initial diagnostic interview format within a day and its working near perfectly. I couldn't ask for a better experience. I truly wish I did this years later. I was so intimidated by the idea of making this transition to EMR, but its gone very well."
Timothy T, Ph.D., P.A.
picture of Lorraine S<br />
Licensed Professional Counselor
"I had a colleague, whom I trust explicitly, who had already done all the research, compared all products and recommended this product. One thing I was worried about was new forms, but they took all my old forms and uploaded them for me. That was a game changer. My service rep ALWAYS has the solution and willing to help. Also love the payment feature. Super easy to use. Best investment!"
Lorraine S
Licensed Professional Counselor
picture of Dawn K<br />
"Best practice management program for Counselors! This program is very user-friendly and has everything I need to run my private practice in Telemental Health. Customer support is phenomenal and always responds in a timely manner unlike many other programs I checked into. I love CounSol and I will be staying with them as long as I'm in private practice!"
Dawn K
picture of Kevin D. <br />
"The system is comprehensive and efficient. It has helped everyone of us become more effective in the work that we are doing. Excellent support and very responsive staff. We made the change from an old system and it has been a complete success and great addition to our practice."
Kevin D.
picture of Kaleigh B<br />
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
"Easy to use EHR! I really like the integration with Office Ally and Square, which makes billing and taking payments easy. I also find it really simple to write notes and schedule, and I appreciate having everything in one place (client portal, records, payments, billing, etc.). Also the customer service is excellent. My account manager is always very responsive and easy to work with.

Overall, I think this is a great EHR and I recommend it to lots of clinicians. It is easy to learn and easy to use, and I get good feedback from both clients and clinicians that they like the features."
Kaleigh B
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
picture of Monika M<br />
"Counsol software support is immediately available, knowledgeable, and able to answer all questions. I can fully trust Counsol to be HIPAA compliant, and to keep my clients' data confidential and secure. Having sessions and records all in one place relieves me of a lot of hassle and stress, and allows me to focus on my work. I am very grateful to Counsol for providing a space for me to maintain and run my practice virtually. Reliable and Trustworthy!"
Monika M
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