picture of Stacey S.<br />
Authentic Self Counseling
"I have been using CounSol for almost two years now. I'm not sure why it isn't more popular that it is because it seems to have all the things I need. Because I currently work two jobs I haven't really sat down to keep learning about the software but honestly the more I learn the more I like the program. I plan to sit down with it and use it to it's full advantage soon and I am quite excited and know that it has the features I want. I can upgrade and downgrade the video capability as needed if I have a client in need of video. I also really love the shared journal aspect that I don't think other practice management systems have! Especially because I work with complex trauma, sometimes my clients want to tell me things but it feels safer to write. Therefore they can inform me things early on in treatment so I am aware, but they don't have to tell their story until they are ready. I think my clients who use it feel more attended to and engaged which is important as I am a solo, private pay practitioner. Also, my support person always responds timely to my requests and questions and I have never had an issue or concern."
Stacey S.
Authentic Self Counseling
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Licensed Professional Counselor
"I have found Counsol to be extremely helpful in starting my business! What I love most about this software is how easy it makes billing, taking and keeping notes, and sending insurance claims. Counsol is like having an office assistant but for much less. Thank you Counsol!"
Jennifer C
Licensed Professional Counselor
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"CounSol Makes Private Practice a Breeze! Once you set everything up, it is easy to schedule, cancel, document and bill for appointments. At the end of the day, it takes me five minutes to bill. I love that there is a seamless connection to my clearinghouse to receive my payment advice. I also really appreciate being able to click a button and view my clients faces when they or I am out of town. Our customer service rep is my coach and friend there, and always answers my questions immediately. This service has ben wonderful!"
Michelle G
picture of Mary R LLC
"The scheduling software and service is the most efficient way to decrease No Shows. My clients often tell me they are pleased with that part and the ease of Intake Paperwork. I struggle frequently with the billing part, but my service rep responds in a timely manner and is always patient with me. My overall experience has been positive. The ease of setting up customized forms increased my productivity. Always Referring Colleagues!"
Mary R LLC
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