"Best overall EMR on the market. I've tried at least three other EMR software programs before using CounSol. Each one lacked in one or more areas but CounSol brings all of the features I need to my office. From online calendar and scheduling to secure conferencing and billing, I'm more than satisfied with this program. If I have questions or during the many times I needed assistance with set-up I called my account manager and they were eager to assist. I can't see myself using another EMR now that I have CounSol."
John Stump, LMFT
Kansas City Family Therapy
"I love my HIPAA compliant Counsol.com scheduling software! I can communicate with confidentiality with my patients with the confidence that the email is encrypted and secure. I can access my online schedule from anywhere and ensure that clients have completed registration paperwork. There are so many features that there is a learning curve involved, but customer rep is so attentive with customer support and explaining functions as I need it, and so prompt in his responses, that the learning curve isn't an issue. I love counsol.com."
Sandra Paulsen, Ph.D.
"I love the easiness and effectiveness of their customer service and the fact that you have a personal assigned to your account. They have been great! They respond and gives solutions to my requests very quickly. I love that I can communicate with the clients securely and that my forms were uploaded and the patient just fill them out there before coming to the first session. The reminders for the appointments via text have been very effective too."
Diana C, LMHC
"CounSol keeps me organized! Before I integrated this software into my therapy practice, I was very disorganized. Turns out, I still am but CounSol is in the background making sure I don't drop the most important balls. I keep track of client paperwork, scheduling, notes, insurance and billing all in one streamlined place! I have also found that they are constantly updating with new functionality I didn't even know I wanted."
Diane Hilleary, LCSW, CEDS-S
Atlanta Center for Self-Compassion
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