How Can Help Your Virtual Counseling Practice

virtual counseling

Looking for ways to best manage your virtual counseling practice? is the counseling software to help you – here’s how.  Managing a virtual counseling practice can be overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider, and if you try to manage everything on separate systems, it can quickly get out of hand. is… continue reading

4 Ways This Software for Therapy Notes Will Help Your Practice

software for therapy notes

Are you looking for new software for therapy notes to help you manage your practice? is here to help! One of the most important aspects of running a counseling practice is to ensure that you have adequate notes and information stored about each of your clients. It is your responsibility to keep this information… continue reading

Transform Your Practice with this Online Therapy Software

online therapy software

Running a counseling practice with online therapy software is a great way to improve your services. See how can transform your practice! As more and more people are seeking mental health care, your counseling practice will need to change to keep up with the growing needs of new and existing clients. has created… continue reading

3 Reasons Your Practice Needs Behavioral Health Billing Software

behavioral health billing software

Every counseling practice should invest in a program to keep track of their client billing and invoicing. Here are 3 reasons why’s behavioral health billing software is the perfect tool for your practice.  If you run an online counseling service, you understand just how important it is to keep client information secure and organized…. continue reading

Set Your Practice Apart: Using HIPAA-Compliant Software For Therapists

HIPAA-compliant software for therapists

The field of counseling is highly competitive. See how you can make your practice stand out by investing in’s HIPAA-compliant software for therapists.  While more and more people are seeking out the help of counselors, some counseling practices still struggle to find and maintain new clients. Clients are particular when choosing therapists and will… continue reading

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