How HIPAA-Compliant Video Therapy Platforms Have Made Therapy More Accessible Than Ever

hipaa compliant video therapy platforms

With the invention and rise of video conferencing, video therapy has never been so in-demand. Our HIPAA-compliant video therapy platforms not only allow you to conduct video sessions safely, but they also help your business meet industry compliance requirements for client confidentiality.  Previously, clients were only provided one option for attending therapy appointments. Now there… continue reading

What Makes The Best EHR Software for Small Mental Health Practices?

EHR software for small mental health practices

Are you ready to discover an EHR software for small mental health practices that is designed for individualized care? Learn why is the ultimate business investment for your mental health practice.   Small mental health practices offer a host of benefits like more personalized care and flexibility with scheduling. However, it can be challenging to… continue reading

How A Therapy Appointment Portal And Improved Video Sessions Benefit Therapists And Clients

therapy appointment portal

With constantly-advancing digital technology, there are so many benefits to building out your online therapy appointment portal and video capabilities—both for you and your clients. Gone are the days of therapy limitations. Today, you can split your time between in-person and virtual appointments, or choose to run a fully-online practice. Online therapy services are projected… continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Add HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing To Your Therapy Practice

HIPAA compliant video conferencing

In a rapidly-advancing world of technology, your therapy practice must be able to keep up with the growing demand for video capabilities. HIPAA-compliant video conferencing from is the answer. After COVID-19, the number of therapists using telepsychology—or online video conferencing—grew 12-fold, from 7% to 86%. The growing popularity of conducting therapy online has opened… continue reading

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