How Progress Note Software Can Offer Time-Saving Solutions

progress note software

If you’ve been looking for a reason to make the switch to a progress note software to save time while running a practice, this blog is here to tell you why you should take the leap. Managing a mental health practice takes a lot of planning and administrative time, but we know that you would… continue reading

3 Ways An EHR For Therapists Can Improve Patient Care

EHR for therapists

Mental healthcare providers everywhere are transitioning into using an Electronic Health Record, or EHR for therapists, to improve their quality of patient care. This EHR software is specially built with mental health care professionals in mind and is the key to helping your practice run more efficiently and in turn, help you provide better care… continue reading

How Can Patients Talk To A Psychologist Online?

Psychologist Practice Management Software

In today’s digital world, access to mental healthcare is more important than ever. Discover an easy way for patients to talk to a psychologist online. For patients, taking the step to begin counseling can be daunting. So, make that step just a bit easier by offering online counseling. When a patient can talk to a… continue reading

What Are The Benefits Of Live Chat Therapy?

Live Chat Therapy

Nowadays, we use our smartphones for just about everything: texting, ordering food, and even reading articles like this. So, why not therapy? Learn more about the benefits of live chat therapy with CounSol.com. Live chat therapy is a CounSol feature that allows patients and therapists to instant message. According to recent statistics, online therapy has… continue reading

What’s The Best Way To Document Client Therapy Notes?

best way to document client therapy notes

Have you been struggling to keep track of your notes and find yourself looking for an easier way to streamline the process? If so, CounSol.com has the best way to document client therapy notes.  Managing your own practice comes with many challenges. Don’t add more stress by documenting your patient notes the old fashioned way…. continue reading

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