Is Cybercrime Affecting Psychotherapy Electronic Medical Records? How Protects Privacy

psychotherapy electronic medical records

Privacy protection and cybersecurity in healthcare are essential topics to discuss inside therapy practices. Read on to discover how takes additional steps to protect the security of the psychotherapy electronic medical records stored in our software system. Last year, data breaches in the healthcare field hit an all-time high. In 2021, 45 million people… continue reading

How Practice Management Software Counselors Extend Their Client Reach

practice management software counselors

Practice management software can help counseling practices stay organized and up-to-date, but the best software can also open the door to reaching new clients.’s practice management software counselors recommend the platform because it easily extends their client reach options, plus much more. Reach Clients That Prefer Telehealth Options The growth of telehealth therapy options… continue reading

4 Ways Therapy Note Software Benefits Your Practice

therapy note software

Choosing the right therapy note software can be essential in making your psychology practice stand out and operate efficiently. The unique software platform at can start benefiting your practice today – read on to discover how.    Less Time Spent On Duplicate Data Entry Entering information in multiple locations is a time-consuming task for therapy… continue reading

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