4 Perks Of Utilizing Our Counseling Therapy Notes

Counseling Therapy Notes

There are several perks that come from investing in counseling therapy notes. We’re sharing four of them with you below. #1: Customizable Note Templates  You may have been using the same counseling therapy notes for years. What if we told you that you could create your own template to include thoughtful details and sections that… continue reading

What Our Testimonials Have To Say About Our EHR Mental Health System

EHR Mental Health System

People often ask us about our EHR mental health system and how it differs from the rest. We thought, “What better way to tell you than by pulling our client testimonials?!” We’re sharing some of the real-life experiences our clients have had using our EHR mental health system. Click here to view more!  “Best overall… continue reading

3 Features You Didn’t Know You Needed Out Of A Therapy Billing Software

Therapy Billing Software

There are many perks to investing in a therapy billing software. We’re sharing three features that may convince you to make the move. Electronic Insurance Claim Submission  The insurance-side of business can feel like quite the drag, especially when you’re utilizing multiple different resources to get the job done. Luckily, our therapy billing software makes… continue reading

Debunking Misconceptions About A Psychotherapy Software

Psychotherapy Software

There are several misconceptions about investing in a psychotherapy software system. We’re debunking some of them below. Misconception #1: “These Psychotherapy Software Systems Are Hard To Use”  We understand that transitioning from traditional methods of practice management to an online software sounds scary. Having to navigate complicated technology and teach your employees can seem like… continue reading

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