Facts To Know About Our EMR Software for Psychotherapists

EMR Software for Psychotherapists

Managing your own practice comes with a lot of responsibility and moving parts that make efficiency seem impossible. However with the right EMR software for psychotherapists, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how ours helps you efficiently manage your day-to-day tasks and better assist your clients. Electronic medical records (EMR) contain sensitive client information and… continue reading

Online Practice Management Features That Will Change Your Daily Routine

Online Practice Management

Be consistent with your online practice management. Here are just a few of our features that will change your daily routine–for the better.  Managing a practice can be a fast-paced work environment, so you need an online practice management system that can keep up with your daily to-do’s.  One of the simplest ways to transform… continue reading

Psychotherapy Practice Software: FAQs, Answered

Psychotherapy Practice Software

Considering upgrading to a new psychotherapy practice software? We’re here to make sure you understand your options and are answering a few frequently asked questions about our software below. Anyone who is diligently researching or trying out a newer, better software is bound to have questions about its user interface and functionality in order to… continue reading

Everything You Need To Know About CounSol Pricing

CounSol Pricing

Looking for an online management system for your practice? We have just the solution! Here is everything you need to know about CounSol pricing and our four practice management plans.  Imagine a customized online portal to manage your practice. Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore. We can help make it a reality with… continue reading

Practice Management System Vs EMR: The Difference

Practice Management System Vs. EMR

If you’re new to these terms, it’s common for them to be used interchangeably. However, it’s not exactly accurate. We’re sharing the difference between a practice management system vs EMR. The medical industry has made significant strides toward transitioning to digital softwares that help to better support medical professionals and allow them to run their… continue reading

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