4 Common Problems Our Therapy EHR System Solves for Private Practices

Therapy EHR System

There are many aspects to consider when finding the best therapy EHR system, but every platform should solve the most common private practice problems. Our telehealth platform is a complete practice management solution that customizes and streamlines tools into one convenient online location.   

Therapists naturally want to help others, which is why so many choose to turn their passion into a profession and opt to run a private practice. However, launching a private practice comes with its challenges. Like any start-up, survival rates dwindle beyond two years because specific vital issues still need to be solved.

With the right therapy EHR system, many setbacks can be fixed at your fingertips. Let’s dive into the most common dilemmas and how to rectify them.      

4 Common Private Practice Problems

#1. Insurance Challenges: Filing insurance claims is a tedious but necessary part of operating a private practice. The best way to expedite submissions is to file a clean claim the first time. The billing industry deems a claim “clean” when it is complete, with correct information and format. Often, a claim is denied not because it is medically unnecessary but due to problems with the completion or formatting. This creates trouble for private practices when denied claims pile up.

#2. Workflow Inconsistencies: Many parts of a therapist’s daily workflow are not associated with running sessions. It can become an issue if these responsibilities aren’t organized and carried out correctly. An off-balance workload can lead to late payments, missed deadlines, and backed-up daily tasks that become an endless to-do list. Finding a manageable middle ground between time management, administrative tasks, conducting productive client sessions, and in-depth evaluations can be challenging in a modern private practice.    

#3. Financial Mismanagement: Starting any business requires adequate planning, even if your practice is mainly run from behind a computer screen. Keeping a finger on the pulse is essential regarding expense management, payments, budgeting, and revenue goal setting. Without this vital piece of the private practice puzzle, unresolved expense issues can add up quickly.  

#4. Visibility Difficulties: Marketing and advertising is paramount in the private practice arena. Growing clientele is an uphill battle if a mental health professional lacks market visibility. Providing high-quality therapy sessions can be done well into the future when clients are retained and gained.    

How CounSol.com Can Help

At CounSol.com, we help mental health professionals grow and maintain healthy practices by solving the industry’s most common setbacks. Here is how our complete practice management software softens the blow of these common problems.

Electronic Insurance Claim Submissions

A CMS-1500 claim form is standard for most outpatient insurance filing and mental health services. CounSol.com simplifies this process by offering pre-populated information on these forms, taking the hassle out of form completion, and ensuring a clean first submission. 

Additionally, our therapy EHR system coordinates with a third-party clearinghouse so 837 EDI claims can be sent and processed electronically. Received ERAs come through our system, streamlining the process of tracking and posting claim remittances. 

Automated Invoicing and Client Billing

Therapy EHR System

Therapists can send invoices online through personalized portals and payments are processed automatically via a third-party payment processor. Thus, therapists can monitor their cash flow from one succinct therapy EHR system.

Simplified Task and Booking Tools

Our complete practice management system helps mental health professionals expand their productivity by prioritizing daily tasks. Therapists can keep updated and organized task lists in their portal to align their day with automated system features.

Client booking and scheduling are also automated through our practice management system. Therapists can sync their calendars and offer available time slots to clients online. These sessions can be customized by length, listed rate, and other parameters to provide flexibility.     

Online Practice Exposure

Mental health professionals who utilize CounSol.com increase their market visibility by advertising their services through CounselorListing.com. Potential clients can search for therapists by location and specialty, which helps many therapists consistently maintain and grow their client base. 

Try Our Therapy EHR System For Free TodayAt CounSol.com, we offer a 14-day therapy EHR system trial at no cost. Our numerous user-friendly features are straightforward solutions for many modern private practice problems. Contact us today and see why therapists make the switch to CounSol.com.

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