"Counsol is the best out there! Counsol is the option I chose after suffering form other therapist-aid websites. After doing careful research, getting a lot of customer support and questions answered, Counsol was obviously the best option, and for the price. Once I had everything set up, [and the options are endless for detailing to your practice's own unique needs] I never ran into any issues, had zero complaints, and have been smooth sailing ever since. I am very grateful to have discovered this website."
Michelle Warren
"I love everything about this software. I am not that computer savvy but this program made it easy for me to transition to my first EHR. What makes it even better is they assign you with a CAM "Counselor Account Manager" who is available to assist you in navigating through the system and with any roadblocks you may encounter. I needed an EHR that I didn't have to do a complete overhaul to get adjusted too. I was working with SquareUp (merchant) and Office Ally (clearinghouse) already and CounSol accepted both of those. The video conferencing feature is great for distance counseling and backup for weather issues. My clients just click on a button and we're in session. I must say my CAM is phenomenal. While working through the tutorials I saw that there was a feature that they were not using. Talked to the agent and he went to research it. Called me back to say "hey talked to my programming team and we are going to add this feature, thanks for pointing this out." So cool! I mean I could go on and on but I'll leave you with this one last piece. They have a online journal through my clients secure portal and to cut down on buying journals or telling clients to get one they now can go into their profile and write daily. I don't have to see it but if they want me to all they have to do is click the "share" button and its easy as that and I can respond to them as well. CounSol I think I've fallen in love!"
Stephanie B
Clinical Therapist, Life Coach & Owner
"I am so glad I switched to Counsol. When I first started my solo practice I used another well known practice management service. It looked slick, but their only customer service was via email or chat, and mostly they referred you to lengthy tutorials that you had to watch. It was very time-consuming and stressful to try to figure the system out. I never trusted them with my billing because I was afraid it would be a nightmare to figure out how to do it or to solve problems, due to the lack of customer service. Every Counsol customer is assigned an account manager who is accessible during business hours to guide you through the learning process. My account manager, returns calls quickly and seems to have an endless supply of patience and good humor. This is very helpful because I am sort of a techno-newb. But I have caught on and billing and documentation is a breeze at this point. I only wish I had started out with Counsol and not wasted time and money on the other practice management service."
Teri Stephens, LCSW
Appalachian Counseling LLC
"I love this software. My clients love being able to register online and receive the email and text reminders. I love how it tracks my billings, allows me to customize my notes and reporting. It provides DSM diagnosis codes for invoices for clients. Many other functions which are great. You can't beat the price either. Great Software!"
Peter Marsh, LMFT
Eleven Six Counseling Inc.
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