"This software covers all the bases for a smallish private practice. Scheduling, billing, reminders and session notes. It offers much more than that but I don't use all the tools it offers because I am a small agency. But, should I grow and add staff and other items, I am confident that Counsol.com would take care of all my concerns. It comes up quickly on my computer and goes quickly to all the links. No time is wasted waiting for this software to be used. This software helps me sleep better at night because I have my practice protected and thoroughly organized and documented."
Ken N
"I work primarily with kids and many of the EHRs for psychologists are geared for adult clients. I love that CounSol allows you to create personalized forms, note templates, etc. I also really like the client portal feature so that I can be completely paperless and clients can access what they need 24/7 without having to contact me. I also really appreciated that it was very little work for me to set things up in the portal--I have direct access to a person who I sent my existing forms to and he magically made them show up in the portal. The customer service is outstanding! I have one person assigned to me and I can directly call him and ask questions, troubleshoot, etc. easily."
Dr. Painter, Ph.D., PLLC
"Counsol Rocks! This software does everything I hoped for and some things of which I never dreamed! Appointment reminders! Easy note dictation! Invoices! But best of all, it includes the always patient and helpful rep. Learning new software isn't fun but our rep made this easy. In a world where so many only do the bare minimum, he went beyond my expectations by not only making suggestions and answering my questions, but also explaining the many useful functions of Counsol so my time is used efficiently. I am the only counselor at my practice, so I wear all the hats. I needed to streamline recordkeeping and billing so I have more time for seeing clients AND living. I came from a job where I was on call 24/7. Counsol gave me the gift of time. Time for long walks, gardening, kayaking, and lying on the couch with my dogs."
Beth R
Licensed Professional Counselor
"Best Therapy Software! Customer service is top-of-the-line! CounSol is the most user friendly and intuitive software for tracking clients, scheduling and payments that we have EVER used. There is NO other software to use in our practice except CounSol.com. This service makes my job so easy. I assist all six therapists in scheduling. I do the billing and tracking of sessions for all of the therapist and CounSol is so user friendly that it takes a huge burden off of back office routines."
Nelson Trimble, Chief Operating Officer
Free Indeed Therapy
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