"I have been using counsel for 2 years and love it! It is easy to use, HIPAA compliant, clients are able to email me through this system as well as use the journaling option for their own privacy and can share what journals they choose to with me, their Therapist. They are also able to go in and download their invoices for tax purposes at their convenience. I am able to upload forms specific to my practice as well as keep professional records. The customer service is fast, efficient, and professional. I highly recommend CounSol.com"
Linda Close, M.Ed., L.M.H.C.
Close Counseling, LLC
"I have used a practice management software for the past twelve years that was so complicated that you dare not do anything new on it for fear of falling in a black hole! The technical support service was rude and downright mean. They were expensive and had me trapped in their cycle of dependence on that same rude service.

I have searched over the past few years for something that I didn't feel "held hostage", and wasn't gouged with the high cost of maintenance fees. By accident I came upon COUNSOL by a fellow therapist. My life has changed! The simplicity and functional features of COUNSOL are amazing. They have thought of just about everything! AND their technical support and service are incredible. They have lots of patience with you on the learning curve, willing to think about changes and functionality, and immediately responsive with a friendly solution. The stress that I once had doing my own booking, billing, and notes has reduced dramatically! Plus, I can do everything while sitting with my client on my iPad or iPhone. I can be on vacation, at a workshop, at home on my back porch, and still be fully in charge of my schedule. I use the free app called GOOGLE VOICE for messaging and "hide my number" feature when returning calls to clients. The combo is flawless!!!

Plus, COUNSOL will allow my client to privately and safely log in to their own account and see their schedule, print their bill, journal, get notes and messages from me, and be notified by email and/or text as soon as they make an appointment AND then a 24 hour reminder before their next appointment. Again, flawless!

I tell my wife everyday how much COUNSOL has made my counseling life easier!

I have learned over the past twenty years that my clients like me personally to schedule appointments. To be honest, I like it too and let me tell you why....When I make the appointments they are more compliant in showing up because they have already made an emotional bond with me in talking about why they are coming. They also pay at the time of session every time because of that connection. THAT connection is priceless! Do yo think I like COUNSOL? I love it!"
Mark Means, LMFT, CSAT
"Counsol gives me everything I need. I've been using Counsol for three years now. The features offered are sufficient for everything I need as a solo practitioner in private practice. The price is great and the customer support has been outstanding. I've been very happy with the product."
Meladie Gey-Burke
Meladie Burke Therapy
"CounSol is a Great Software for Psychologists! I tried another well-known and regarded software for over a year. But no software can beat CounSol for psychologists and therapists. It's easy to use, intuitive and has many features and built in categories that makes writing a note very easy. I love all its features from the ease of attaching a document, whether it's a self-rating measure, a consent for release of information to ease of scheduling and many other things. My clients love their portal and many feel safe and secure using the portal for messaging."
Dr. Ghazi Kaddouh
Director, Clinical Psychologist
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  • " My patients said they love how easy it is
    to view and schedule sessions online "
  • " I love using this service. I wish I would have started using this when I first opened my practice. "
  • " I definitely feel I have a true competitive advantage over other counselors who do not use CounSol.com "
  • " Who needs an office assistant? CounSol does it all for a low monthly fee. You will not find an office assistant who is willing to work for this cheap. "
  • " Automatic appointment reminder text messages have greatly reduced my no shows. Appointment reminders alone make this service worth every penny "
  • " Offering online counseling has allowed me to increase patients scheduled per week and offer my services statewide "
  • " CounSol Complete Practice Management is a must have for anyone running their own practice "
  • " My patients feel like they are dealing with a true professional when they login to my secure patient area "
  • " For the first time I can pull up
    patient information and notes with ease "
  • " The most valuable business expense for my practice "
  • " A colleague recommended me to CounSol.com. Service sounded great, but did not truly realize how powerful this service was until implementing it into my practice "
  • " Now I cannot ever imagine running my practice
    without using CounSol.com "