"I really can't say enough good things about Counsol. I've been in private practice for about 1.5 years and was so uncertain about so many things around documentation and business management. The team at CounSol was so helpful in getting my account set up and going smoothly. Also, the customer support is truly impeccable and the responsiveness is 5-Star. And I continue to have the same experience with their services since day 1! To say I'm satisfied is an understatement!!!"
Jena Parham
"I am absolutely delighted with CounSol.com. I have used other online software and business management tools and they always fell short. In fact, before I found CounSol.com I was using two different systems in order to make sure my practice was well managed. Counsol.com offers a comprehensive set of features that has dramatically improved my bottom line and has improved my practice management. As an added bonus, the customer service Counsol.com offers is remarkable."
Gemma Stone
Registered Clinical Psychologist
Calgary, Canada
"I have been using Counsol for a little over a year. The transition was tough at first but has been worth all the time I put into it on the front end. I feel way more secure having all my notes, billing and calendar in one place instead of papers and locked file cabinets all over the place. Counsol does a great job monitoring HIPPA things I did not even think about. My clients have had very little complaints and most of them LOVE the ease of accessing their accounts online when they want to. I struggle a bit with how to fully use the calendar feature but the customer support has been very prompt to answer my many questions. My taxes were SO MUCH easier this year because Counsol kept track of every penny I earned."
Heather McMillen, LPC
"Having made my practice fully paperless, I love working with this site -- and so do my clients. They are very happy with the available options, especially the option to reschedule appointments at their convenience, no matter the hour, and without contacting me."
Donna C.
CCS Training Services
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