4 Misconceptions About Video Therapy For Counselors

Video Therapy

We often hear misconceptions about video therapy for counselors that are simply outdated. We’re sharing some of those examples with you below.

1. The Conversations Aren’t As Personal 

We understand that people assume traditional therapy should be conducted face-to-face, but there are a number of obstacles that can make in-person therapy inconvenient. If your therapist’s office is too far, unreliable transportation, scheduling conflicts, anxiety about the session, etc. 

At CounSol.com, we strive to make our video therapy for counselors extra personal by providing a private journal to write in and allowing clients to make their own appointments that work best for them. 

2. The Conversations Aren’t Confidential 

Video Therapy

Although it may seem like your conversations through our software aren’t confidential, they entirely are. Counselors who have evolved to video therapy have to continue following a strict code of doctor-patient confidentiality. They are required to follow the same laws and regulations as in-office therapists, so your conversations are 100% safe between the two of you. 

We also offer secure messaging that is kept entirely private thanks to our state-of-the-art encryption system. Our goal is to keep the communication between counselors and their clients as seamless and beneficial as possible. 

3. It’s Easy To Not Take Video Therapy Sessions Seriously 

In actuality, there is nothing different about online sessions versus in-person sessions. There is an agreed-upon time that the appointment is scheduled and both parties are expected to honor that session. 

If anything, online video therapy should be easier to commit to, seeing as the clients don’t have to commute to the office and they’re able to make their own appointments when they feel ready. 

4. Video Therapy Is For Younger Generations 

We’ll admit, the younger generations have begun to normalize the idea of attending therapy in general, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who get to benefit from online sessions! In the past decade, video therapy for counselors has opened more doors for people who were once apprehensive about seeking therapy. Now, people of all walks of life are able to get the help they deserve through a platform that makes it easy and worth their time. 

If you’re interested in transitioning your practice to video therapy for counselors, start a free trial today! We’d be happy to help you reach more clients and maximize your time doing what you do best.

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